June 12, 2018

The Airbus A380 Connects Paris and New York: AirFrance’s Culinary Experience

Phone Number:

Address: https://www.airfrance.com.lb

Website: https://www.airfrance.fr

Price Range: 450-4000 $

Second time onboard the gigantic Airbus A380, seated on the upper deck, I was excited to watch a movie, relax for the next seven hours and most importantly enjoy one of the finest food served onboard a plane. Known for their culinary know-how and class, the French serve tasty food up in the air.


I’m not impressed by AirFrance’s business class onboard the A380 compared to other carriers like Qatar, Emirates or Korean Air; for the French, the A380 is just for transportation and not an experience like others consider it. I remember spending my time at the bar on my way to Seoul.

I’m in love with the culinary experience though; the choice of wine, the food, and service, all exceptional. I like the maturity and experience of the staff trained to impress while continuously keeping a smile on their faces.

PS: the security video has been changed, re-edited without Music and action, focusing more on the message, not the show.


On today’s flight, due to a computer problem there will be no distribution of menus, so the waitress stated the items over the passenger announcement: 

  • Asparagus shrimp salad 
  • Veal
  • Chicken with polenta and peas.
  • Asparagus Gnocchi 
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate and caramel cake
  • Fruit salad
  • Ice cream

A glass of Champagne before take-off, another before dinner, Deutz brut classic champagne, is bubbly, fresh and light; a great way to start your meal. With that, a bite of salmon gravlax and crunchy cheese sticks. “Mon Village,” bakes unique biscuits leaving a pleasant salty and cheesy feel in the mouth; accompanied by this glass of champagne, it sets the tone to an exciting lunch.


Three boiled shrimp in a red acidic sauce, quinoa salad mixed with white cream and a side salad. With that a white wine, tender baguette and “La Conviette” butter. No two kinds of butter are alike... supermarket butter is not butter! Butter is like the one I had today, so creamy and loaded with flavors; a journey spread on a moist bread. Butter is an experience eaten alone, not cooked in a kitchen.

The veal followed; it’s surprisingly yummy for a meal served onboard. Tender veal cooked for long hours served with steamed vegetables and a side of “Edmond Fallot” mustard. It’s a feast, a gourmet feast up at 11,000 meters.

A rectangular chocolate cake made of mousse and feuillantine. Intensely dark chocolate, it caresses every taste bud in style making you want to lick your lips after every bite. A cake not for the faint of heart, a gourmet creation few chefs pâtissiers succeed to prepare. 

I like it when they serve ice cream onboard, pink colored raspberry sorbet, lightly sweet, non-icy but kind of creamy; this ice cream is so good! Wait until you’ve tried the basil and tomato sorbet. A premiere for me, tomato which is considered a fruit gives the sweetness and the basil to add the needed aromas and flavors. It’s so yummy!


The needed improvements on this A380:

  • Implement the new Best Cabin with cocoon seats and fully reclinable sofas.
  • Add a bar; it’s needed up on the upper deck.
  • Change the entertainment system; it’s not acceptable and too old in 2018.
  • WiFi, all professional companies have internet onboard; it has become a necessity.


I like the food onboard AirFrance flights leaving from Paris’ CDG airport. Try to avoid the A380; the Boeing 777-300ER has better seats, a bigger screen, and a more enjoyable experience.





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