March 30, 2022

7 Best food trucks in Brooklyn

The food truck business has really taken off in the last couple of years, and its popularity is constantly growing. People are attracted to modern food twists, traditional menus, and excellent ingredient quality. Food trucks had gone a long way from the times when they mostly sold food to workers close by. There are various cuisines for basically everyone's taste. The best ones are always busy, and customers come from all over the city just to get the taste of their favorite dishes.

Food trucks in Brooklyn you must visit

Whether your favorite meal is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can find a great food option for each; you just have to know where to look. There are always great and healthy meals for busy people. Brooklyn has a ton of different food truck cuisines, and these are the most popular ones:

Birria Landia

Birria Landia is located at 495 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn. They started in 2019, and as you can see, they have become very popular very fast. Both food critics and customers like their food very much. Their most popular item on the menu is tacos. A specialty is birria - a spicy beef stew used in tacos and tostadas.

Birria Landia's tacos are widely famous. Even the New York Times said they had changed the Taco landscape with their food. Tacos are about 3 $, and so are Tostadas. They are open till 1 AM, so it is a perfect meal when you are out in the evening. 

Tacos El Bronco

This is another famous tacos food truck. It is a no-brainer that people like tacos the most, as street food anyway. Tacos El Bronco is located at 37th street (5th Ave) in Brooklyn. Their most popular dish is the Pastor - mouth-watering roast pork used in tacos and other dishes on the menu.

Prices are also affordable. For example, the Pastor costs 1.5 $, the same as enchiladas. You can find different meat types at Tacos El Bronco: pork, chicken, veal, beef. As their customers like to say: they are one serious, real-deal food truck. 

Things to do in Brooklyn with kids and where to eat 

When pleasant weather and sunshine come, parents wonder where to go and what to do with their kids. They want to switch from the usual place they have probably visited during the winter. The best way for the whole family to enjoy a nice day is to have tiny bellies full and happy. You can organize an entire day with kids in Brooklyn. You can also eat outside without fail.

Smorgasburg is a weekly open-air food market located at Marsha P. Johnson State Park, open in spring and summer. Smorgasburg is the largest open-air food market that attracts thousands of visitors on weekends. Eating here is a memorable experience. Using the ingredients from local vendors and creating a unique menu is a specialty in Smorgasburg. It is not so common that one food truck has so many different dishes. Therefore, Smorgasburg is a fantastic option to try different cuisines in one place. This is a perfect place for families, so spend a day here if you are visiting with kids. What is better than taking your kids to lunch outside, in the park, and enjoying the fresh air.

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Red Hook Lobster, located at 284 Van Brunt St, was voted the best food truck in 2021, and it serves fresh Maine lobsters. Here you can get a taste of the best lobsters outside of Maine. Their menu also has other seafood, but they are most popular for their lobster rolls. If you are a lobster fan, you should check it out. This place is so popular that it attracts people from all over New York.

Red Hook Lobster started as an indoor restaurant, and because of its growing success, they have expanded to multiple locations. They call their food truck The Big Red.

The Halal Guys

Located on W 53rd St and 6th Ave, The Halal Guys's food truck offers Brooklyn's finest Middle Eastern cuisine. You can get a taste of authentic American Halal food, with the menu including gyros, falafel, and chicken dishes. Another excellent thing about this food truck is that they are open until 4 AM. A perfect solution for all those hungry late nights out. As some people would say, it is one of the best New York breakfast experiences. We can say breakfast even though it is 4 AM, right?

Hard Times Sundaes

You can find Hard Times Sundaes at 5700 Ave U (E. 58th St), Brooklyn. You might think this is where you go to try some of the best ice creams in New York, but think again. This food truck has become well known mainly for its burgers. They are so juicy and delicious that even the top chefs like to come here for a bite. Of course, you can also get a nice frozen treat afterward. 

Papelon Con Limon

Papelon Con Limon is Venezuelan food truck. It is known for its arepas, empanadas, and yuca fries. Get the famous garlic sauce if you aren't on your lunch break and don’t plan on being around people much. Portions are enormous, and the prices are affordable.

El Olomega

El Olomega is a Salvadoran food truck on Bay St (Clinton St), Brooklyn. Whenever you crave a nice, hearty meal, you can try their pupusas and fried plantains for a reasonable price. Usually, there is a long line of people waiting, but you will see that it's worth the wait when you try pork and cheese pupusas.


Food trucks are good for your budget

Brooklyn food trucks have always been popular among tourists. Because of their affordability and versatility, street food is becoming popular among New Yorkers as well. If you are just moving to New York, plan the relocation well, so it doesn't break your bank. Then, as the guys from suggest, continue saving some money by eating at some of the food trucks we mentioned in this article.

Food truck industry in the last couple of years

The last two years were hard for most businesses, especially the restaurant industry. Due to all the restrictions and measurements, the number of people visiting them has reduced, and along with this, their income. However, that has not affected the food quality and their desire to stay open for everybody who enjoys having their meal out in the open. 

Sometimes you don't have to go to an expensive restaurant to have an excellent dish. Try eating outside if you aren't a fan already. You will expand your horizons by visiting some of the best food trucks in Brooklyn while saving some money along the way.

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