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New York: Best 33 Breakfast Experiences You Have to Try

I can't get enough of New York... I have been there probably nine times already in less than a year, and each 10-day trip is a full food experience challenge… I have tried enough pastrami sandwiches, cookies, burgers and desserts to feel the nostalgia of this city that moves so fast. Surely there’s more to discover and more to enjoy, but for the meantime, I think I've discovered enough places to give you my Top10 list of breakfast places to satisfy your taste buds in the Big Apple. Visiting New York, check out the best breakfast spots around the city.

Supermoon Bakehouse: Iconic, Unique, Innovative and Shockingly Tasty

Let me tell you about a place where art is the driver. A big space where only a few stools are available with six stone tables. A square box with light coming from the ceiling to shine on a table, one single table where food is displayed to be shot by your phone. It’s where baking has another meaning, where aromas enchant, where music transports and where food makes you want to scream. The Bakehouse is not like any bakeshop and definitely not like any coffee shop, it’s all about art transforming ingredients into edible things.


Breakfast at The Four Seasons Hotel New York Left Me Speechless!

What an amazing place! It's a dream hotel called Four Seasons, New York. Words are not enough to describe my fascination for this hotel - fabulous decor, superb welcoming, very professional service... And an outstanding breakfast experience! Welcome to the Four Seasons Hotel of New York City, a recommended place for breakfast... It's a place where I can guarantee will cure your stress and inject you with a dose of happiness!


The Donut Pub; New York’s Exceptional Doughnuts

I’ll be straightforward and skip the introductions; I’ve had thousands of Donuts in my life but never as good as the one at The Donut Pub. It’s an old looking place with a long bar up front, coffee, and sandwiches sold at American Diners and a display o Donuts! Donuts all the way, eye candy Donuts of all colors and sizes waiting to be devoured. I sat and ordered 3 of their doughnuts.


Breakfast at Gramercy Kitchen New York: Coffee and Fresh Vibes

Modern and chic, The Gramercy Kitchen open on 17th and 3rd is here to make you happy before starting your day. With glass facades surrounding it, light blue colors and fresh wood, the place makes one want to finish breakfast and stay for lunch. I loved the fresh vibes from the minute I walked in, the coldness of the air, the light coming from all sides and the notes of happiness and positivity were felt all around. Like a restaurant in the countryside, The Gramercy Kitchen is the village down in the city.


Union Fare: New York's Unbelievable Croissants, A Magical Place!

Come on, I said to myself, no lights and a black entrance on a Sunday morning! Is this place even open? I grabbed the door with two hands and pulled... Oh My God! I just discovered one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve ever been to in my entire life... behind the door is a long corridor, a row of tables on the right and a bar on the left, beautifully decorated and marvelously lit... walk to the other part where the dining spaces are. I’ve rarely seen such beauty, such simplicity, soothingly low lit and relaxing, yellow lights suspended from the ceiling, live cooking stations, classy materials, one mood, and one theme... this place rocks!


IHOP New York: The ComeBack! Outstanding Chocolate Pancakes

Breakfast in New York, IHOP is a renowned destination made famous by the American movies. From an old and dirty place to a colorful and bright ambiance, IHOP made a clear comeback I was not expecting to experience. A new menu, new colors, new tables and benches, the restaurant is doing its come back this year while opening a dozen new branches around the Middle East.


Smile to Go: A Dream Place in New York

...because you will smile from the minute you walk in! A fresh place, bright colors, happy decor and a simple menu prepared in the open kitchen in front of guests. Colored pans displayed above the kitchen, open fridges, cakes display and lots of blue. I loved the music, the food choices, the service, the attention... everything transports you into another dimension.


New York’s Iconic Kellogg’s Cereals Store; For the Hidden Child in You

I was walking union square when a signboard grabbed my attention. A Kellogg’s shop but not a store; there is something happening on the first floor. Not so exciting I said to myself, but let’s see what’s the Kellogg’s store is all about. I took the stairs, walked up and reached a big space that immediately drew a smile on my face. 


Buvette: Breakfast Ecstasy in New York

Famous for their breakfast, I planned to visit Buvette on this beautiful sunny yet cold Saturday morning in amazing New York. A lively place with French notes and natural sunlight, Buvette welcomes you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in their small but vibrant cafe.


Bluestone Lane: Positive Vibes in the Morning

In the heart of New York with many locations open already, Bluestone is your splash of positivity on an early morning. No seating, no tables, simply coffee and sandwiches, grab and go. “I feel good” playing in the background, brightly lit, happy baristas, an open display of juices and granola, croissants and pastries... that place makes you feel good.


Breakfast at The Smith New York

I like it here, I like their food, the mood, the vibes, the smooth decor and loud music. I've been here for dinner and now am back to experience breakfast at one of New York's famous eateries, The Smith. Under a wooden ceiling and with a view onto the busy street ahead, I sat to indulge in some eggs and pancakes.


BEC: Bacon, Eggs, and Cheese for Breakfast

BEC is a simple kitchen that sells sandwiches. People love it here. You will find ten marble tables, a floor covered with colorful mosaic, walls painted in white and decorated with writing, two mirrors, and an open kitchen behind a long counter. Customers come in for a tasty breakfast, but this place is more popular for its delivery; probably three dozen delivery guys came in while we were having breakfast.


The Grey Dog: Come for the Mood and Enjoy the Experience

It’s one of those places where you stand in awe in front of a magical decor transporting you into the land of Peter Pan. How great it is to blend colors together into a space that’s authentic and traditional. Yellow lights, colorful bulbs, white spots on the black menu board; the owners have managed to create a masterpiece of art and craft turning a restaurant into an experience.


Enjoy Exceptional Bagels at Gramercy in New York

Imagine big sized bagels, boiled and baked to chew in a pleasant way, generously stuffed with good quality ingredients and served very hot. Showing on google maps as one of the few or the only breakfast spot open early on a Sunday morning, I stopped because I was hungry and left happy, planning to come back again. Good quality and tasty bagels are served here.


Le Coucou at 11 Howard Hotel; French Class and Perfection

I didn’t know what to expect, a French name for a restaurant is it a brasserie or a bistro, I opened the door, looked up and... I stopped in awe! A magnificent decor made with class and style, French finesse in a minimalistic decor inspired by the French revolution with touches of subtle modernism. No Music, calm and simplicity, a refined style oozing positivity. I rarely felt so amazed and was so excited to try the food.


Breakfast at 1 Hotel New York; A Beautiful Setup and Great Looking Plates

This breakfast deserves a review of its own. Down at Jams, the hotel restaurant and bar, food is served a-la-Carte as of 7 am. Dimmed lights, an industrial feel, bricks, and metal structures, the aromas of freshly fried eggs activate all my senses. Leather and fabrics, wooden tables, decorative items spread around the shelves... it felt good to start my day here.


Breakfast at The Marriott Essex House NYC: The Best Eggs Benedict!

Southgate Bar & Restaurant, located at New York's Marriott Essex hotel, offers a variety of unique, delicious flavors in an upscale yet inviting atmosphere. When all of New York knows about this place, you expect to enjoy a different kind of breakfast and that was just what happened.


Breakfast at the St. Regis New York: The Best Ever!

When you walk into the St. Regis hotel, you understand the real meaning of luxury... You're transported into another dimension in this five star palace... I was in love the minute I reached the reception. I enjoyed walking around surrounded by the beautiful decor inspired by centuries past.


Covina: Bar, Restaurant, Breakfast and Positive Vibes in New York

A bar at the entrance takes you to a vast restaurant facing an open kitchen. Metal and industrial materials, wood, cupboards and kitchen utensils blending together into a marriage of colors. Touches of yellow, pink flowers, red garbage bins, and colorful paintings. Despite not having enough daylight, the place feels positive and fresh. Sit and relax, have a coffee, enjoy the soothing tunes... the place is inviting.


Fairfax: When Simple Things Make You Happy, An Enjoyable Breakfast in New York

Part of the same group called “Happy Hospitality,” Fairfax is another perfection like its siblings, “Joseph Leonard” and “Studio at Freehand” which I both reviewed already. This group managed to create amazing things just by adding love and attention. The simplicity of food, of decor and perfect service, make of the group’s brands one of the most envied around the city. I can still remember the avocado on toast at Studio and Brussel sprouts with sriracha sauce. Managed by a gentle lady, calm and attentive, she invited us to wherever we want even choosing a table for six. A smile, sweet attention, she made sure to get me the best choice without garlic just making it happen; and I noticed that with my two previous experiences, they just make it happen!


Sumptuous Breakfast at Henry; Restaurant of the Life Hotel

Henry at Life Hotel is the restaurant name, located in the lobby of a small hotel in New York, few blocks from the Empire State Building on 31st between 5th and Broadway. I like it when establishments throw challenges like “the best hotel restaurant,” the “best egg sandwich” among others. Enjoying the details at Life hotel, I stopped for breakfast.


Joseph Leonard: It’s Breakfast at Home in New York City

It’s the name that tempts you at first then you discover the place and fall in love! It was only eight when I pushed the door open of Joseph Leonard’s little heaven. Occupying the corner of some traditional quarter feeling like old London, a small restaurant, kind of a “bistro du coin”, this home away from home is the perfect stopover for every person seeking calm and serenity in the early hours. Dimmed lights, wood, stylish yet authentic decorative items, photos here and there, an old clock, travel bags, mirrors, and the bar. It’s enchanting, it’s magical, I felt good the minute I walked in.


Society Cafe New York: Much More Than a Simple Breakfast, It's A Journey

Behind a big facade that looks like the entrance of a castle is hidden a beautifully designed hotel called The Walker. Oozing class and style, this place is not for the average tourist but more of a space for connoisseurs. It feels like an old English saloon while keeping it fresh and colorful. Orange and light blue patches here and there, access the restaurant by the main lobby. I personally didn’t even know this place existed but I’d put on my list of worthy visits.


High Street on Hudson: A Soothing and Tasty Breakfast in New York

Considered to be one of New York’s finest bakeries and best brunch venues, High Street on Hudson deserves a visit. Occupying the corner of Hudson street amidst high green trees, the bakery and restaurant ooze positive vibes. There's a warm and industrial feel from the wood and metal while black accents the space with one red painting for a shot of color.


Breads Bakery: New York's Best Bread and Extravagant Croissant

Your journey starts before you even walk in. Stop at Breads Bakery window and gaze at a tray of rolled chocolate croissants. Inside is a big bakery, not a fancy one, but a bread specialist where majestic bites are created. You will find a counter for bread and another for sandwiches and coffee. Order and take a seat.


Clinton St. Bakery New York: My Heaven, My Place!

After the big disappointment of Financier, I had to have a good breakfast! They say Clinton St. Bakery is one of the best. The place was opened in 2001 by owners who had the dream of creating the best-baked goods in New York City. New York magazine votes their blueberry pancakes to be the best, while "Lonely Planet" says it is the best breakfast place in New York.


A Soothing Breakfast in New York at Penelope

Penelope comes highly recommended as you search for one of the best breakfasts in New York... after a whole night suffering from jet lag, I was craving some eggs. They say Penelope is a local favorite that offers comfort food. Walk in for enticing smells, soothing music, dimmed lights... I felt good as soon as I walked in.


Lafayette New York: Stylish Eggs Benedict and Heartwarming Pancakes

A Parisienne cafe welcomes you in the heart of New York, a place close to Balthazar serving some good food in a French ambiance. While French music plays in the background, sit on one of their leather benches and enjoy their amazing pancakes and exceptional eggs Benedict.


Balthazar: French Vibes in New York

One of my favorite French restaurants today is definitely Balthazar. I first tried their French finesse in London and was so happy to have had the chance to try the one in New York. Amazing food, the real French know how, beautiful soothing music, dimmed lights and other small details transport you to the golden age of the French capital.


Max Brenner: A Chocolate Shop on Broadway

From the outside, it looks like a normal chocolate shop, but open the door and be amazed, enter Willy Wonka's secret factory where chocolate passes in tubes above your head, where every corner is full of chocolate and chocolate chips decorate all the walls. 


Evergreen: Breakfast at a Famous American Diner

It's a small diner with low ceiling, old style decoration, an open bar and a load of tables filling up the space. The smells of breakfast take over space while you're invited to sit. Being a group of five, the bar was the best choice. The menu has two parts, the breakfast menus on one side and other dishes on the second. Twelve different choices of eggs, pancakes and waffles, along with juices, bagels, the breakfast bakery, omelets, griddle specialties and cereals. 


Manousheh New York: Lebanon's Breakfast Ambassador

Ambassador of great culinary know-how, Manousheh has exported the true taste of the Lebanese “Manouche” to New York. I’ve been here several times already and still feel goosebumps every time I walk in. It feels Lebanese, it smells Lebanese and tastes as great as the food back home. Meet Naji, the chef behind every single fluffy wrap. I discovered Zaatar with avocado in New York and still crave it every time I visit.






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