June 12, 2018 New York USA Americas

IHOP New York: The Come Back! Outstanding Chocolate Pancakes
Non-smokers friendly
Big Belly Boys


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 10/10

Ambiance / Music: 8.5/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: 10/10

Breakfast in New York, IHOP is a renowned destination made famous by the American movies. From an old and dirty place to a colorful and bright ambiance, IHOP made a clear comeback I was not expecting to experience. A new menu, new colors, new tables and benches, the restaurant is doing its come back this year while opening a dozen new branches around the Middle East.


I can’t but remember my last impression two years ago: the plates were dirty, the service was bad, and the restaurant didn’t feel inviting at all, for a breakfast place. Today, the menu is brighter; waiters smile, coffee is good... I was pleasantly surprised.

On the menu, order much more than eggs and pancakes - all day long; IHOP opens 24/7. Burgers, omelets, wraps, sandwiches, waffles, sliders, and a kids’ section.


Huge portions, colorful plates, breakfast is served:

  • Mmmmm... the crepe is so good! So heavy, so oily, so cheesy and I’m loving it. Bacon is everywhere, and cheese is all over the place, white cheddar, ham and scrambled eggs.
  • Omelette, a long cylinder for three persons or more, covered with crispy bacon, loaded with cheese, decorated with tomatoes and sprinkled with cheddar cheese. It’s so good!
  • Oh Waw! The pancakes are orgasmic! I moaned uncontrollably, enjoying this big rack of thick and fluffy pancakes set one on top of the other, covered with vanilla sauce and drizzled with caramel. On top, whipped cream adds even more life to this unique tower. Yummy all the way!


  • Belgian chocolate pancakes, dark colored, loaded with chocolate cream, topped with whipped cream and covered with chocolate mousse. Four pancakes, each huge in size laying one on top of the other, between a layer of chocolate mousse. It’s shockingly amazing; it’s much more than simply good, it’s orgasmic. OMG! The Americans know what heavy food is all about. 


The waitress visited us more than five times inquiring if everything was ok; a true come back! Is it new management? When the last grade was 59/100, today’s is way higher. Pass by IHOP when in New York, you won’t regret it.

Yummy all the way, the real American dream, exceptional pancakes, unique eggs... that breakfast of movies, where calories don’t count. I smiled, I screamed, I enjoyed it all the way hoping to have something as good at IHOP Beirut. I’ve had pancakes... these are definitely on my top10 list.

Suitable For: Big Belly Boys





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