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10 Favorite Spots: Where to Enjoy a Hefty Breakfast in Lebanon!

"Breakfast", the latest trend to take our country by storm. New breakfast spots are opening every month and many restaurants are changing their operating hours to serve breakfast. 

It’s a beautiful day out there … Let’s start enjoying it early with a delicious bite somewhere around town … where to go? Scouting the country from North to South … From Beirut city to the Metn area and way beyond … I have tasted and enjoyed 25 breakfast spots. Come join me for a hefty breakfast …

Not sure where to go or what to order, click on the link below for a complete list of Breakfast and Brunch spots around Lebanon.

Your Ultimate Breakfast Experience at the Four Seasons Beirut

On the second floor of the Four Seasons Hotel is where mornings have another meaning. I've been here half a dozen times already simply to enjoy the pleasure of great food, amazing presentation and superb service. It's Georges and the team that add more to the experience. Georges, a professional and smiley waiter, attends to your every need and desire. Professionalism at its utmost levels, breakfast at the Four Seasons is Lebanon's best by far.


Breakfast Barn: A Superb and Unique Morning Experience in Beirut

Breakfast Barn or as far as I'm concerned 'A dream come true' is the first restaurant in Lebanon dedicated to the day's most important meal: "breakfast"! It's called Breakfast Barn and it encourages you to eat better, healthier and happier. Soothing music, warm lights, bright wood, pure lines, white walls, it's breakfast like I usually experience at concept eateries out of town.


Deli.co: I Love this Place!

Deli.co is where salads and sandwiches are given a new meaning. With every bite comes the feeling like you're travelling around the world... London, New York and back. Lunch at Deli.co is like no other. It's one of my 'coup de coeur' places in Lebanon where I make it a point to visit every other week. I'm in love with their rich and tasty sandwiches, their coffee, their soft serve ice cream, their presentation and professional service. Read the first review, enjoy the photos below and make sure to give Deli.co a try!


La Petite Table: A Soothing and Enjoyable Breakfast

A ray of sunshine... a morning filled with calm and serenity... vibes of happiness and joy... a beautiful setup, light colors, a mouth watering display... where breakfast in Lebanon has another meaning... on this beautiful sunny morning, La Petite Table is where I'm starting my day.


Baguette&Co: A Recommended Breakfast in Metn

Two visits already, two positive encounters and now I was back for breakfast. Baguette&Co. is this classy restaurant on the Mtayleb road welcoming you for breakfast and lunch and open from 8am. The only classy up scaled diner/restaurant in the area, I really love the decor and the soothing vibes this place has.


Fresh... and Healthy for a Guilt-Free Morning

We started with the good morning crepe. A triangular-shaped crepe filled with eggs, cheddar cheese, green peppers and mushrooms. Before even tasting it, its look and aromatic freshness open up your appetite. A thick, yet crunchy dough, slightly and adequately sweet, loaded with melting cheese that adds a bit of oiliness, moist scrambled eggs and a crunch, provided by the pepper. Bravo... Really, I was amazed. What a perfect combination of ingredients put into bites of love. All of this, at only 628 calories.


Al Falamanki: It's Where I Am Transported...

To the sounds of chirping birds and Fairuz musical tunes I arrived at Falamanki on this beautiful Saturday morning. More than a restaurant, this place has a certain charm to it not found anywhere else in Lebanon.


Crepico: My New Sweet Escape

If you're driving on the Zalka highway, on your way to Jounieh, you can't but notice Crepico. In blue and bright colors, Crepico has taken the highway by storm. Although it looks a bit commercial or childish but this dessert parlor is not what you would expect... Amazing!


Al Soussi: Expertise and Knowhow Poured into an Authentic Breakfast

Been here, done that, but I didn't have enough time to enjoy my food while shooting an episode on Beirut street food. After visiting Soussi a couple of months back, Lebanon went viral and hundreds of you visited this amazing place to meet the men behind this fantastic breakfast place. 


Start Your Day on a Happy Note at Al Mandaloun Dbayeh

I come here so often that it feels like my second home – a place where I relax, enjoy good vibes and soothing music. It’s a happy space … sit on one of their comfortable sofas and enjoy the natural sunlight coming from all sides. Professional service, cleanliness, a great choice of food on the buffet and much more. I love it here!


Kahwet el Mandaloun: A New Favorite Place

Close your eyes and travel back in time to when old Mercedes taxis used to glide round Beirut, to when Martyr's Square was the heart of the Middle East and to when Abou Salim used to entertain our grandparents on television. Kahwet el Mandaloun is your new place for such time travelling: located on Dbayeh's seaside road next to the beach club, where music and great food blend together in an upscale Lebanese cafe.


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