April 04, 2018 New York USA Americas

Fairfax: When Simple Things Make You Happy, An Enjoyable Breakfast in New York
Non-smokers friendly
Coffee Talk

Phone Number: +1 212-933-1824

Address: 234 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014, USA ( 08:00AM - 11:00PM)

Website: http://fairfax.nyc

Price Range: 30-50 $


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 10/10

Ambiance / Music: 10/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 30/30

Architecture / Interior: 10/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Value for money: 10/10

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Part of the same group called “Happy Hospitality,” Fairfax is another perfection like its siblings, “Joseph Leonard” and “Studio at Freehand” which I both reviewed already. This group managed to create amazing things just by adding love and attention. The simplicity of food, of decor and perfect service, make of the group’s brands one of the most envied around the city. I can still remember the avocado on toast at Studio and Brussel sprouts with sriracha sauce. Managed by a gentle lady, calm and attentive, she invited us to wherever we want even choosing a table for six. A smile, sweet attention, she made sure to get me the best choice without garlic just making it happen; and I noticed that with my two previous experiences, they just make it happen!


I felt good the minute I walked in! A home away from home, light coming from all sides, sofas, and couches here and there like the seating area of a house up the village. Paintings and photos decorate the walls, a load of greenery and flower pots, wooden tables of all kinds and shapes and one yellow library; brown colors and this yellow thing to leave a fresh impression; it’s like someone lives here welcoming you into his home.

Coffee is served, two plates and cutlery wrapped with tablecloth aside of two spoons. The table is decorated with a bottle of water, a flower pot, and several glasses. Music playing in the background put me in an even more positive mood; how magical this establishment is, I didn’t want to leave anymore!


On the menu choose one of several simple yet very innovative creations: it’s how food is presented and how ingredients are mixed together that make of this restaurant one you want to visit when in New York. I can now say that I have become a breakfast expert in the city of dreams and opportunities, experiencing as many as I could one after the other.

While waiting, the waitress approached me with a suggestion: would you like to have a donut muffin, sir? I was invited to buy an additional item in a subtle and professional way. How great that is!


Be prepared to moan! The plates look great and taste fantastic! Two poached eggs served in a coffee mug with a very thick toasted bread topped with grated parmesan cheese. They are called soldiers, cut in fingers: Dip it in, and enjoy. So yummy! The crunch, the softness of the bread, its enjoyable oiliness and the perfect cooking level of eggs. The herbs and equilibrated flavors impress.

Beans on toast as simple as the name suggests, horseradish and a fried egg on top on a very thick slice of French bread. Yummy! 

Thinly cut smoked salmon, one of the best qualities I’ve tasted on a full-bodied condensed slice of bread with crème fraîche and caper relish; as simple as it looks, it’s a complicated journey of flavors and textures, salt, acidity, tanginess and rich taste of the salmon.


Danish breakfast: even though no effort has been made in creating this dish, this plate rocks! Tasty cheese, four soft boiled eggs, thinly sliced cucumbers, thinly sliced radish, butter and fine rye bread. Combine the ingredients and enjoy the taste of simplicity.


I can’t see another explanation; it’s simply love! I even closed my eyes to enjoy the moment; I felt transported, every ingredient adds value, the peppers used, the perfect bread, the quality of each and every item coming out of the kitchen. Phenomenal, this restaurant is phenomenal.

Try the Donut-muffin pastry; donut dough baked like a muffin! Wow! Never imagined a muffin could be so tender, so moist and so fluffy and so enjoyably sweet. The yogurt is perfect! OMG!


A feast for the eyes... Couldn’t stop eating and didn’t want to leave; the place is called Fairfax, and you have to give it a try! Food is simply awesome!

Suitable For: Coffee Talk





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