November 06, 2019 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Barrel Burgers: Tasty and Homemade in Cornet Chehwan
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It’s the barrel I remember from my childhood days: a big wooden barrel which used to be a Lebanese street food shack and turned into a burger fast-casual on your way to the village of Bickfaya. Located in Kornet Chehwan el Metn, the barrel serves a selection of seven burgers and some appetizers and a tawouk sandwich.


Feeling hungry on a Monday afternoon, I stopped for a meal. Let’s try three of them, the chicken burger, the mushroom burger, and the cheeseburger with a box of fries. 120g patties for homemade burgers lovers: let’s taste them.

While waiting, you are offered peanuts (inspired by five guys), toasted peanuts, crunchy on the inside, and easy to open. That’s an enjoyable first impression.


Homemade like the menu states. A fluffy, airy, fresh brown bun covered with seeds and stuffed with premium ingredients. A juicy patty, juicy chicken, and enough sauce to fill up your mouth.

I loved it because it’s not fatty and not complicated. Good quality of beef, balanced spices, premium quality bun, and good ingredients. Try the mushroom burger; it’s a favorite! I loved it how the mushrooms are grilled and the burger is loaded with cheese. 

Don't miss the fries and order a portion of coleslaw, both excellent.


I didn’t know what to expect when I came here; I left impressed and promised myself to visit again. LBP 8,000 for a burger created with love using homemade premium ingredients. 

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