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Etihad Airways Business Class Experience to Melbourne: I Expected Better Food

My verdict after a thirteen hours flight: the seats lack privacy because you’ll be watching the screen of your neighbor, share expressions with your side seats, while the person at the back looks at your screen. Food is average; bread is microwave heated and chewy, meat overcooked...


It’s awesome, simply awesome! The hostess approached the minute you board and takes the time to ask about your meal preference. She then asks if you have flown on the Boeing 787 before taking the time to explain the features of the seat and screen. Welcome to Etihad Airways luxurious business class from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne Australia.

It was on my todo list for a long time; I always wanted to try Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, and Emirates for a long flight across the ocean. Similar to the “Beat Cabin” of Airfrance, the 787 cocoon is a bit more advanced especially with the air seat feature and touch screen operations board. Both have the game console joystick and touch screen.

You are welcomed with classic jazz music which plays until the plane starts moving. Meanwhile, wet napkins are distributed, water, champagne, and orange juice. The refreshing kit from Aqua Di Parma contains a toothbrush, socks, eye cover, and moisturizing cream.

On today’s flight, the menu is varied despite the excess of onions and garlic. I had to choose items that are safe.


The menu: 

  • All-day food: breakfast cereals, natural yogurt, and berries, steak sandwich, Brie and onion omelette, beef guao bao, sweet and savory snacks, potato crisps, baked cookies, madeleines, Arabic baklava.
  • Starters: Arabic mezze, chili prawns, tomato coconut soup.
  • Mains: beef tenderloin, Asian barbecue chicken, sea bream tahtah, casareccia pasta.
  • Cheese
  • Desserts: warm ginger pudding, mango mousse, seasonal fruits, ice cream.

The best thing about this flight is "the light"! Dark all the way, you are not annoyed by lights coming from all sides. You can eat, walk, sleep... watch a movie... all at your convenience. Large screen, good quality sound, relaxing massage sofa, and an interesting selection of wines to draw a smile on your face. The plane has WiFi and network coverage onboard.

I didn’t find the food exceptional! Meat is overcooked, tomato soup is intensely spicy and has a garlic aftertaste, the cheese crackers are not the freshest things I imagined eating... but good enough to be fair and honest. It’s not exceptional as I expected it to be but good enough. AirFrance’s food is way better.

I enjoyed a chocolate chip, Haagen-Daza ice cream, before going into a deep sleep.


After a relaxing seven hours of sleep, a refreshing cleaning, and teeth brushing, I needed a coffee. Breakfast is served two hours before landing. Milk and cornflakes, yogurt and jam, American coffee, and bread. I loved the coffee! I really loved the coffee, refilling my cup three times.


The verdict: you hear about the gulf companies, probably because of their strong marketing... you expect amazement! I always asked myself why isn’t AirFrance as sexy as Etihad? Today’s verdict proved that conventional companies just do it right without all the advertisements around them. At least French food quality is unmatched, and the seats are more private.






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