February 26, 2013

FlyDubai - My Choice Over MEA Anytime!

Fly Dubai is an easy and cheaper way to travel to and from Dubai. I don't have anything against them per say and I actually have mixed feelings about whether or not I would have paid the extra $100 to travel on-board MEA. Yes, I think I would do it again - unless I have a bigger budget and travel on Emirates or another airline. But between MEA and FlyDubai - I think Fly Dubai...


What I didn't like:

What I didn't enjoy at all was the fact that we all had to wait like sheep as we entered the plane. We waited a good 20 minutes in front of the plane's door, people pushing and shoving to enter first. This annoyed me a lot and at that moment I had wished I was flying on-board another airline. On the way to Dubai, the heater was on all throughout the trip. I swear I felt my feet were going to explode. I couldn't control it. On my way back the AC was on all through out the flight - because it was hot on the way to Dubai, I stupidly decided not to carry a jacket or take a cardigan. I froze to death. The next morning, I woke up sick in Beirut. They should do something about it - room temperature is best...


As soon as we went in, matters got better. I was not expecting much, so I was okay with the experience. Mind you, when I say I am okay with it, I am giving myself the choice between Fly Dubai and MEA. Not any other airline. For one, the staff is super nice on-board Fly Dubai. They welcome you with a smile and serve you with a smile. Everyone is seated and although the chair is not so spacious, it's fine. Not as bad as I imagined it to be. I have traveled with Easy Jet and the seats were tighter, if I remember well.


Things I liked:

  • The FlyDubai menu is rich, or should I describe it as booklet as its big and rich with a variety of food choices and snacks to choose from, depending on your craving that day - from wraps, soups, sandwiches, salads, chips, nuts, sweets, muffins, water, juices, .... The choice is wide. So what its not served on a tray but at least I have the choice to choose. The prices are reasonable.
  • The menu is fresh and colorful
  • A TV screen in front of each passenger is clear and big. Their entertainment is paid for, for 30Dhs, you get premium access to on going movies, the latest blockbusters, music, games and so much more all through out the trip.
  • They have a nice selection for on-board shopping
  • The hostesses were all nice and helpful - at all times.


Fly Dubai was okay overall. Yes I would fly using it again if I was traveling alone or with friends. I wouldn't use it if I was traveling with the family and kids. It was a respectable experience overall.


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