April 18, 2016

The Same Breakfast Menu for as Long as I Can Remember!

Middle East Airlines: Time for a Change!

The last two years have been hectic and this year especially is promising to be record breaking; I'm doing between two to three trips a month discovering food around the world. To date I've been to Paris, Germany, Romania, Italy, London, New York, Atlanta, Brussels with some upcoming ones scheduled to Jordan, Peru, Egypt, Kuwait and maybe more. This morning I leave to Korea.


Ready to cruise, we were offered the famous two page menu. A different cover but the same exact content for as long as I can remember. Omelettes or knefeh! I've had enough of omelets and knefeh this year! Enough is enough.

I'm not questioning their taste. Some like them, others don't, but one can't deny that the ingredients used are up to standard. Labneh is really good, the vegetables are fresh and crunchy, the kashkawan cheese has a light enjoyable acidity, a fruit salad then comes, the same omelets or the square Knefeh which are sometimes good and other times close to disastrous.

I think I've written lots of reviews about the quality of food, the plastic tray, the porcelain plates or the portions. It is debatable if you like them or not but know that I personally do every other time depending on the chef's dedication and attention which is inconsistent.


Dear sirs, the international as well as local choices for breakfast are endless. It is time to change because we Lebanese travelers have had enough. Keep the starters as is since they suit almost everyone, then change the main plates:

Let me help with different ideas. 

  • Bacon and eggs with a side of beans.
  • Eggs stuffed with spinach with tomato sauce on the side.
  • Boiled eggs cut in quarters served with mayonnaise on the side and a boiled potato.
  • Add a chocolate cookie to the tray.
  • Mini Zaatar or cheese manakish.
  • Karabij and Maamoul are a local pride we surely can showcase.
  • Foul and Balila! That would be a dream come true. Prepare them without garlic for a better cabin smell and lighter digestion.
  • Goat Labneh balls in olive oil would amaze the world!
  • The Knefeh idea is good; but how about bringing back the chocolate Knefeh more often, Knefeh Naboulsieh is also an option.
  • Ask what "Mammounieh" is; simply semolina and sugar and it's easy to reheat. Its sweetness is surely appreciated by many.
  • A waffle with chocolate or maple syrup.
  • A Crepe with chocolate or Nutella.
  • Kashta with any potential Lebanese sweet - ghraybeh, madroukeh...
  • A piece of Daoukieh.
  • Maamoul madd.

Anyway, Google can surely help as well. Search for "breakfast" or "breakfast on airlines" or maybe "traditional breakfast in Lebanon". 


This morning, we had the usual starter plate. A walnut, two slices of kashkawan cheese, a cherry tomato, a dried apricot, a quarter of a cucumber, a lettuce and two chunks of Brie cheese. A side of fresh fruit salad, the usual Labneh is really lovely and two jars; apricot preserves and honey. Salt and pepper branded with the MEA logo and a Lurpak pack. With that, choose your preferred bread. 

Omelet followed, the same oily omelet and the knefeh. I had the omelet for a change which I don't recommend. Oily to cover the dryness, needs cheese, some boiled vegetables, a serious lack of salt and pepper. Anyway, they say food tastes different on planes. 

Join your efforts and voices to make our local airline change and improve its menu: we want to have more and new choices to keep on traveling MEA.





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