January 03, 2015 Zahle Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

Fouad Massaad: The Authentic Breakfast of Zahle
Authentic & Traditional

Phone Number: +961 8 801037

Address: Near al Saraya, Zahleh Boulevard, Zahle, Bekaa, Lebanon ( 07AM - 11PM)


Price Range: 3-20 $

In Zahle, when you say Foul and Hummos for breakfast, Georges Massaad is the only place to visit. Georges Massaad is located on the main Zahle highway, few meters after the Saraya. Pass the Saraya and land in front of a shop that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner opened back in the fifties. 


A place made special by Fouad, the owner, shouting around with his loud voice making sure everyone eats in time. Welcoming me and the team, he started telling us a story which happened with him back in May. "Back in May, a man came for breakfast a camera in hand… he asked to take photos, I let him do it, he ate and went back writing about me. Since than, you can’t imagine the amount of customers I’m receiving from Beirut…" I laughed and was happy to hear that from him. I was happy to know that NoGarlicNoOnions is trying to give those artisans the support they deserve.
Hummus, balila, foul and a plate of vegetables. Looking at him preparing them is mouthwatering. Few minutes after ordering, I received a plate of hummus, decorated with hot chickpeas in its center, a plate of hot foul with olive oil and a plate of balila.  
So let's eat: The hummos is simply authentic, tasty and full of flavor. Adding to that the hot chickpeas that melt under your teeth like butter. The balila looks appetizing and was served so hot that it was bubbling on the table in front me; I've eaten something exceptional. So juicy, so tender, so rich with premium ingredients and perfect seasoning. Foul is as good as the rest; the real authentic flavors. 
Mixed with some chickpeas, olive oil and lemon, every bite is enjoyable to the max. I was enjoying this moment so much, without garlic, fresh crunchy vegetables and this time, not tea but Arak and it was only 9am. Premium Arak from Zahle, the land of Arak and good food. All was very tasty coupled with a tender bread baked the same morning. 
I was happy, sitting in this refurbished restaurant where dark wood, old mosaic tiles and marble smooth your senses. I was enjoying the moment when I heard someone on the table next to me ordering raw food. It was only 10am and people were coming here to eat raw meat, raw liver and kafta.
A tasty breakfast in a funky spirit, this place is interesting to visit if you want to start your day in style. L.L5,000 a plate, the math is simple.
Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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