June 17, 2018

Delta Airlines Business Class Experience
Non-smokers friendly

Not the first time onboard Delta but feeling the excitement as of it was the first. I enjoy their leather seats, fluffy pillows and thick bed covers, the Tumi box of amenities and the diverse menu of delicious food prepared by no other than the Dany Meyer group. Onboard Delta, you’ll find seasonal flavors woven into every detail of the menu; from the signature cocktail to thoughtfully designer souls, salads and entrees paired with their wines. The menu also includes regional touches to offer the taste of local culinary favorites. Expect some high new every time you fly because Delta believes that good food should be found at any altitude.


Even though flying a B767, an old version of Boeing planes, the seats are fully reclinable with a side table to give you the breathing space you need.

Food on today’s flight:

  • Greenmarket tomatoes, house-made stracciatella
  • Cheese pickled nectarine, cashews
  • Gotham green baby lettuce
  • Balsamic short Rib
  • Slow roasted Cancun farms chicken breast
  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Baked rigatoni with basil cream


  • Sundae bar
  • Strawberry panna-cotta
  • Selection of fine cheeses


  • Coconut chia pudding
  • Sourdough strata 


What I wait for every time is the signature Sundae bar proposed on Delta long-haul flights. Choose your ice cream (raspberry or honey), choose your sauce (white chocolate coconut or blueberry mint). Add a topping (pretzel crunch and whipped cream).

A hot towel to refresh, a selection of drinks to start with a cup of seasoned herb nuts then came dinner. I didn’t want to skip any part of the experience despite the need for sleep.


Cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and pickled nectarine with a sprinkle of crunchy cashew nuts. With that, a salad and a side of butter. A creamy mozzarella, robust balsamic and juicy cherry tomatoes from two different colors.

A chunk of tender short rib meat served with a side of polenta. Beef with a great taste, marinated for hours, juicy inside out and adequately peppery. The polenta feels like potato purée perfecting the mix. Delicious food enjoyed at 33,000 feet.

Oh, my God, that vanilla ice cream, as creamy as Haagen-Dazs is topped with whipped cream and drizzled with raspberry sauce is so good! I even added vanilla sauce and crunchy biscuits on top. I remember having a chocolate sundae with hazelnuts last year which made me want to repeat the experience again.


All good and all enjoyable, I had a pleasant night sleep, waking up minutes before landing. I’m a fan of Delta!





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