July 01, 2016 Iceland Europe

WOW: A Trendy and Fresh Low Cost Airline
Non-smokers friendly

WOW Airlines, Iceland second-biggest airline is, in fact, a low cost but surely not low quality. This funny airline is fresh and funky with its creative signage of which two written on the seats "Hi, I am your seat," "Be My Guest," "Last but not least" printed at the end and many others. You are welcomed in this big Airbus A330 covered with a purple carpet and filled with dark blue leather seats. Hostesses are really pretty and welcoming.


Before going into the flight details, you can't but notice the hostesses, beautiful blond ladies you rarely find on airplanes. 

On my first visit to Iceland, it was a business class ticket on Iceland air where the Internet is available on-board, a smaller plane with much more pampering. Today's experience is completely different. 

Wide aisles, a considerable legroom but unfortunately non-reclinable seats. You can even cross your legs without touching the seat in front of you. Low cost, low fair but not a cheap taxi drive on the streets of Rio; a decent airline indeed.

In route to Iceland, you can buy from a selection of snacks and sandwiches since food is not offered for free.






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