October 11, 2014

Meet the Glamburger... What's a Glamburger Anyway?

Ok, I am not sure you have heard but there's a new burger making noise in London and it costs $1,800. Launched at Honky Tonk, in partnership with Groupon the “world’s most expensive burger” contains a lot of high end ingredients....


Let's see what's in there... Kobe Wagyu beef, New Zealand venison, Canadian lobster, maple syrup-coated bacon, black truffle brie, beluga caviar and a hickory smoked duck egg. They are stacked between a gold leaf coated brioche bun that is laced with Japanese matcha and cream mayonnaise, garnished with mango and champagne jus and sprinkled with grated white truffle.

Not only does it cost $1,800 much, the Glamburger is 2,618 calories.

Would you pay this much to try the Glamburger? I wouldn't and that's just because of the calories...


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