March 10, 2013

New Infusion Clinic and Why It's Important

Follow the steps of your favorite stars like Rihanna and Madonna and book yourself at the Infusion Clinic where an IV drip is used to load you up with all the vitamins and minerals you need.

What is it and why do you need it. Lets read more about what this new Infusion Clinic in London says... Intravenous (IV) nutrition is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances directly into a patient’s bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system is the main advantage of IV nutrition. When substances are given orally they must be processed through the stomach and the intestines.

IV-vitamins-celebrities-2 edited Many substances may be rendered inactive in the digestive tract, or may not be well absorbed due to poor intestinal function. By directly administering nutrients to the body higher than normal blood levels can be achieved. These increased levels can provide an immediate therapeutic response by correcting deficiencies that may arise from a disease state. Vitamin-Mineral Immune boosting can play a role in helping patients move toward optimal health. Often because of excessive stress, illness or nutritional deficiencies vitamin-mineral, amino acids, and other natural agents are used up or diminished and are therefore no longer available or ready to support the needs of the immune system in protecting, preventing and fighting illness. In such cases fully relying on the oral vitamins and minerals and essential nutrients arriving immediately may just be ineffective unless you are prepared to ingest huge amounts of them daily. The Infusions are also really helpful in providing essential nutrients to individuals with mal-absorption and digestive system problems, as they are directly introduced to the blood stream. So they bypass all the inadequacies and malfunctions within the body for example as stated, the digestive system and including the liver and other organs. They have been shown to work directly on problems with great rapidity and can even stimulate and support optimal function of the immune system. We believe it to be by far the most streamlined method for treating nutritional, health, stress and daily effects on the body and mind.

Is supplementation needed?

Yes. All the above facts influence all of us at some point in our lives. Very few results of nutritional analysis are returned without evidence of some nutritional deficiency. There is extensive scientific evidence that higher intakes of vitamins reduce the risk of killer diseases such as cancer and heart disease but also enhance energy and wellbeing. The following list are the infusions offered by NOSH Clinics. They contain vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, vitamin B12, calcium, manganese, selenium, zinc and others.  If seen by a doctor with knowledge in this area we can include more therapeutic ingredients such as glutathione and chelating compounds.

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