October 24, 2012

Paintings Made From Beer

The new beercolors.net website launched today. This unique website displays decorative giclee prints made from paintings created with beer. The site is an eco-friendly site and a portion of the sales proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations that serve to protect wildlife.

Each art print on the site is accompanied by an informative story to enhance the enjoyment of the painting. Interesting facts are provided about each painted endangered species. The beercolors.net site also spins mini-fables to illustrate several of its more light-hearted prints, such as its fish with lipstick, senior geese ("Geesers"), party animals, gull friends and its cool birds sections. The beercolors.net website contains a wide variety of animal art prints ranging from numerous paintings of endangered species to whimsical caricatures of senior geese ("Geesers"). The consumer can select from unique and colorful birds, fish, turtles, frogs and other animals. All were painted with beer. Artist signed certificates of authenticity are provided to its customers with the purchase of each print. Each certificate of authenticity lists the specific beer or beers used in the creation of the beercolors.net painting.

Each print on beercolors.net is 8"x10" in size and shipped unframed by USPS priority mail. Seventy-two prints in all, including several color reversed prints, are currently available for viewing and purchase on the site. Approximately twenty additional prints are scheduled for initial release in the spring of 2013.

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