November 09, 2013 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Patamay's Sablés: For the Pleasure of your Senses

You can't imagine how much I miss coming across tasty discoveries, whether in Lebanon or in different countries around the world. I love coming across something unique, tasty, found in little boxes, made by small time producers who put all their passion and know how into every bite. This is how you realize and understand that behind every box is a story and behind every bite is a pair of hands that worked hard to deliver something we do devour in seconds. Patamay_Homemade_Sables03 Visiting a friend on an early Thursday morning, I was introduced to a new discovery. Pascale looked at me and said: "I know that you appreciate good things. I got you this box of French cookies to enjoy." I got all excited about it and initially examined it with my eyes and decided to take them back home for an extensive tasting. Patamay, produces simple jam stuffed sables. A simple unsophisticated plastic box, decorated with a stripe of red and blue sticker, fitting 500g of sables. Clean, clear and light in color, these sables are mouthwatering. You feel that each one of them has carefully been prepared as if it was the last. Every piece is neatly placed. Patamay_Homemade_Sables11 "Patamay, l'art du fait maison" is sold at Golden Star Jounieh. I called them and May Chbeir enthusiastically answered all my questions. Mrs. Chbeir, a housewife prepares a large variety of sweet and salted goods sold only at Golden Star Jounieh. Chocolate and jam sablés, tea biscuits, biscuits with dates as well as some salty varieties like sambousik and kebbe, known to be prepared in Lebanese homes. The sables are 4.5cm in diameter each. A fine light and homogenous color surrounded by a strip of dark cooked dough flattened on the sides to follow the layer underneath. Two layers, stuck together with a thin layer of jam in between. In the middle, a small hole showing a colorful stuffing.

I loved the taste. No burning after taste or any other unpleasant feeling that may spoil the enjoyment.

Patamay_Homemade_Sables07 Bite into it and feel it crumbling under your teeth. A rich buttery sablé explodes into a hundred pieces releasing the adequate quantity of sugar, the needed amount of butter and a tasty thin inner layer of jam. I started eating them, one bite leading to another...  and another...adequately sweet, adequately cooked with just the perfect texture... I couldn't stop eating them - until the box was removed from under me. Enjoy deliciously prepared bites, while supporting Lebanese home cooked goodies... Patamay_Homemade_Sables12 Call Patamay at +9619850818 and tell me what you think!

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