November 02, 2019 Kuwait GCC Middle East

Pattaya Beach Thai Restaurant, Kuwait: Where the Locals Eat

In the middle of nowhere, a center with no soul, empty floors, and no people is a Thai restaurant. Pattaya Beach is typical and authentic nestled in the heart of Al Wataniya building. Glass walls and dozens of posters showcasing Thai touristic plates.


Handled by Asian employees or the family who cooks, the restaurant served a selection of Asian specialties printed on a menu with hundreds of spelling mistakes. Rice, noodles, salad, beef and chicken, seafood, Thai soup, and beverages.

The place looks so awkward and surely not appealing to walk-in. It feels like a popular restaurant in the old souks of Cairo. A bizarre carpet, colorful table covers, a long metallic fridge, a Thai movie playing in the background, decorative things around the walls forgotten since Christmas and some blue chairs you only find at hotel conference halls.

The menu is printed in a little book made at the printing center next door.


The food:

  • Tom-Yam shrimp with mushroom, lime, chilly, curry paste and herbs. A soup with well-cooked shrimp inside, a strong aroma, a light spiciness, a red color, and tender mushrooms. The chili is strong and tickles your throat.
  • The meat plate is way too spicy. A boiled beef that's not tender but has a certain body to it. Sting line, crunchy coriander, and mint leaves. It adds a sandy effect to it.
  • Rice: sticky rice with no flavor. 
  • Mussels in a red sweet sauce. Good enough.
  • The chicken red curry that's sweeter than expected. Tender chicken and a tasty sauce.


Not bad for a cheap family owned Thai restaurant for the value you pay. Street food style, a restaurant that gives you flavors of Thailand the way they eat them at home.





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