September 01, 2016 USA Americas

Pow Wow: The Route 66 Restaurant of Tucumcari
Non-smokers friendly

Tucumcari and don't ask me how this is pronounced is one of the last villages in New Mexico before passing the border to Texas. An interesting renowned stop on Route 66, the town to start with is close to empty; roads are empty, the diner is empty as well. Calm, dramatic, a bit scary but funny. Funny waiters, the talking lizard mascot and the tables set around the restaurant have people painted on the walls so you'll feel like if someone is dining with you.


Booths, leather sofas and middle wooden tables and chairs. A low ceiling, a bar and an empty area which looks like a karaoke area facing a big projection screen.

The name is Pow Wow and don't forget to take a photo of the Route 66 sign drawn on the sidewalk facing the entrance. Loved the placemat, a paper in which different cocktails are showcased like an infographic.


The menu: starters, soups and salads, New Mexico border (fajitas and main plates), sandwiches, grill and broiler. Food is like all other diners, a blend of Mexican and American. I ordered skin on fries, the grilled cheese sandwich and some quesadillas.

The food: skin on fries have zero taste. A potato loaded with no-taste cheddar and topped with chewy bacon bits. Let's hope the rest is better.

The grilled sandwich is pure butter and cheddar cheese. Nothing special about it and nothing to write home about. I personally do it better at home. It comes with sweet potato fries that contain more oil than my car engine.

The quesadillas are dramatic! Half filled chewy bread and a bizarre, unpleasant taste. 

Bad. Not recommended for the food. Pass here to look at the Route 66 decor.






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