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Rustic Table: Good Food, Horrible Service!
Non-smokers friendly

I arrived early to a meeting next to Rustic table. I recalled trying the place before but didn’t really remember much. I was hungry so came in for a bite.


Nice place, nice music, nice vibes.

It would be perfect if the team knew what being “nice” means! I think being rude is part of the concept!

And it seems it is working for some reason.

I was having lunch alone, sitting on a bench facing the street. It was raining outside, happily enjoying the view.

Then things started turning ugly!

I was trying to charge my phone, the plug was out of order.


First shocker: the waitress explained that it is not a place to charge phones but to eat! OMG!

I took out my laptop to charge my phone. The manager told me that laptops are forbidden in the place!

I explained I only needed the laptop to charge my phone. He said the owners insisted not to have any laptops showing! OMG... again!

I was shocked. Why would people enjoy being rude!

I hesitated to leave but the food was on its way and it saved the day!

The salmon avocado sandwich was delicious. It had some labneh in it. Couldn’t taste it but added some moisture into the sandwich.

I also ordered a side of beetroot, labneh & baldamic vinegar. Really good!

I still had some time before my meeting so I ordered dessert.

The special was a custard-like dessert with rose water & pistachio.

Nice presentation, mhalabieh like with shaved coconut on the side.

The pictures and the writing definitely caught the attention of the waitress who became much nicer with time.

The food was really good, fresh, tasty, creative! I get it why the place is busy, too bad their service is so rude.

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