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Sarrouf Zalka: A Unique Discovery One Must Try
Non-smokers friendly

At Sarrouf, you’ll read on the walls that the food there is better than your mum's… It’s a small place, dimmed, dull and old but who cares... Food is exceptionally awesome. Come meet Joseph Sarrouf.


On the road parallel to the Zalka highway is Sarrouf. If you’re on the highway, take the right at Haroun Hospital, follow the road facing the hospital entrance and you’ll find Sarrouf - a place where Jospeh prepares Saj in a special way…

Zaatar, Jordanian Zaatar, Eggs, Kawarma, cheese and/or ham, the choices at breakfast are endless; they also have Knefe in Saj. For lunch, choose from any known sandwich like potato fries or Tawouk… all will be prepared on Saj.

  • Shaped like a "Meshta7", Joseph's sandwiches are amazing indeed. They are tiny, thin and oval shaped with warm fillings. It’s an interesting bite. You'll enjoy a fluffy and lightly crispy dough, that's not as chewy as the normal Saj. The oval shape helps give people just the right amount of bread to host the delicious fillings. 
  • The fillings are top notch. Zaatar is premium, labneh is exactly what they eat in the villages and Kawarma is homemade with a strong salty touch I liked.
  • I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear but the manakish are different from any I've had before. They're all really tiny and I like that. It gives you a chance to order two kinds and taste.  


Opened for the last 16 years, doing what he does best, Joesph, with a smile on his face, calmly prepares one saj sandwich after the other. Other than being a baker, the guy is a poet. He expresses his thoughts on the walls and this is how I knew that he is originally from Chouf.

I tried to take as many photos as I could without being noticed so check the gallery and be inspired.

It may not be your regular breakfast place - Cans are all over the place and old antique stuff fill the space -  it's more of an art gallery than a bakery, but don't judge too quickly, eat and forget.

Sarrouf is a must try. I felt like I was eating in one of the villages. I'll be coming back for lunch very soon… 

Update: I was supposed to come back after a week for lunch but I couldn't wait that long. I came back on the same day.

While I waited for the potato fries sandwich and the eggs sandwich I took a closer look at the poetry written all over."Joseph’s mankoushe may be small but its taste is bigger than you would imagine." 


An ironic fact. You're reminded not to smoke all over the place but they sell cigarettes. How's that? Joseph tells me: "We wrote everywhere about not smoking but no one said it's forbidden to sell cigarettes." 

  • Eggs with Kawarma with salt, pepper and spices, nothing else. Moist egg heart filled in thin and tender dough. The best part is that the dough is not crunchy and the heart gives an interesting salty aftertaste.
  • French fries are the best. Fries, ketchup and coleslaw in Saj bread. It's really unique, enjoyable and not heavy. The dough is what makes all the difference.

Definitely a place to try and discover...

Joseph Sarrouf, Zalka internal road, +961 1 901357





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