June 25, 2015 Beirut Central District Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Souk El Akel: A Food Fiesta Uniting Us All

One always hopes for the best in all they do... but what Lebanon witnessed unitl now made my heart grow, gave me goose bumps, and more so made me fall in love all over again in my Lebanon...

It was the first day for Souk El Akel, a two-day event celebrating food prepared by handpicked vendors bringing the best of what they have to people.... Different genres of food including Lebanese, Middle Eastern and International bites can be enjoyed in a joyful market...

This thursday and every thursday, Downtown Beirut will be buzzing with life.. Last week, the area, which was transformed into a food haven market, witnessed an amazing experience, where food, fun and love united... How amazing it was walking into the crowd of over 3000 people, young, old, couples, friends... from all walks of life coming to enjoy a unique experience, never been seen before in Lebanon...


Words can not be enough to describe the experience... if you weren't there tonight, make sure to head down tomorrow... Those of you who came, come again and bring more friends to enjoy the positive vibes...

Souk El Akel is a collaboration of Solidere, Souk El Tayeb, NoGarlicNoOnions.
Downtown Beirut, Behind the municipality, this Thursday and every Thursday, from sunset to midnight.
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