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Souk el Akel: The Long Awaited "Broumana" Festival!

Escaping the heat is on your mind? Summer fun is all you're hoping for? Good food is what you're craving for? Trust me, there's no need to get on a plane for that. Let's think of amazing places in Lebanon we can 'travel' to and enjoy the summer... Souk el Akel is doing just that... Broumana here we come.


Join us between the 27th and 30th of July starting 5pm until midnight for some summer fun, amazing vibes, original bites and exquisite ambiance. Head up with friends and family and spend time in one of Lebanon's popular landmarks, "Printania Hotel" and experience the true street-food experience with over 50 food and beverage stalls... freshly preparing, squeezing, dipping, baking, grilling... More fun for the family? Souk el Akel will be taking place alongside FlashBack where creativity, fashion, art, a kids area and much more meet under one roof. There's something for everyone...  No excuses... plan your next weekend wisely.


For the third consecutive year, Souk el Akel rocks Broumana...


Souk el Akel has exceeded all expectations in its second edition in Broumana, with over a record-breaking 50,000 attendees. The challenge is on with Souk el Akel's ongoing activities to revive and rediscover Lebanon's amazing towns with its Summer Tour. People are happy, families are together, friends are laughing and bellies are filled with yummy bites... Join the festivities, the laughter, the colors, the fun, and of course the amazing food prepared fresh by over 50 food stalls, fashion and so many other surprises.

The Heart of Broumana is Beating Again…  There are certain places in Lebanon that have left a special place in people lives… a small memory while growing up… and Broumana is absolutely one such place. An old time favorite town… Broumana is beautiful for its weather, its view of the capital and its forest. Who can forget the times of “Kazdoura” in Broumana.

Brummana, as its name suggests, is said to mean the house of Rammana, the God of Air, Storm and Thunder. Yes, there’s joy in the air as a thunder of excitement struck everywhere, due to the storm of food, drinks and more that has hit Broumana this weekend. I am happy… Speechless actually, because no matter what I say it will be enough to give a glimpse of the celebration of life and food being experienced by everyone coming…  While walking through the streets of Souk Al Akel Broumana for the last two years, you can feel happiness, you can see smiles… whether old or young… I have seen live proof again of how much we all love life regardless of anything happening.


More than 40,000 persons showed up for the first edition, another fifty thousand for the second edition and the third edition is coming this weekend with hopes of breaking records; Looking at people’s faces, as they taste various bites, enjoying the new innovations some street food vendors have to offer… is worth more than I can ever imagine… The smell of burgers being prepared, the cold sound of beer being poured, the crinkle of cookies being tasted, the refreshing taste of ice cream served with cotton candy, the grilling joys of traditional BBQs, the crunch of curly fries, the spicy eruption of lahme beajine, the zesty sensation of Afandello mojitos, refreshing cocktails… the list is endless.

Thank you for joining us... thank you for making it happen. Are you drooling yet? What are you waiting for then… The weekend has just started…

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