May 16, 2017 New York USA Americas

Sundaes and Cones: Colorful Ice Cream Flavors
Non-smokers friendly

The best part of New York's Sundaes and Cones is the first impression you get as you walk in. The delicious smell welcomes you the second you set foot inside. The big space enjoys simple decor, and today a long queue of kids wait with big smiles on their faces.

Sundaes and Cones is not like other small ice cream shops in New York's Chinatown. This place looks more serious.


Just a few blocks away from my hotel, Google recommended Sundaes and Cones, a place that serves sundaes, banana boats and ice cream. They have a soft serve machine, a cake corner, a huge storage fridge and a station where you can add candies to your order.

Other than the famous flavors every ice cream parlour offers, this one has some special ones: Fat Free Choco Choc Chips, Corn, Peppermint, Red Believer, Mocha Chips, Thai Tea, Lychee, Ginger, Orange Creamy, Red Orange Sorbet and Chocolate Peanut Butter.


Huge scoops in generously filled cones... I ordered six flavors!

I won't forget the Peppermint and Rocky Road Chocolate... and can recommend the Banana Boat in a big biscuit waffle cone. It's like a Banana Split as we know it in our part of the world, and covered with marshmallow cream, two kinds of fruits and whipped cream. It's a real American show stopper. They use a Haagen-Das kind of ice cream, sweet, heavy but enjoyable.

Good ice-cream is served here but I wouldn't say it's exceptional.





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