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Celebrate Armenian Culture in Bourj Hammoud
Apr 10, 2018

Celebrate Armenian culture this Sunday in Bourj Hammoud. Street food, kids entertainment, Fun, superb Armenian food and much more to satisfy everyone. A premiere for…


Bourj Hammoud; Like You've Never Seen it Before...

Magnolia Bakery, Dubai Festival City: The Dream Banana Pudding

Desserts & Sweets

March 13, 2018 | Reviews | UAE

Now that Magnolia Bakery has closed in Lebanon, I started searching for it around the world especially to enjoy their carrot cake and banana pudding. Open in Dubai inside the festival city mall; Magnolia Bakery occupies a big area in the heart of…

Caramelized Banana Fritters: A Mouthwatering Dessert

Desserts & Sweets

July 10, 2017 | Tasty Discoveries | Beirut

Visiting Urbanista I discovered by pure coincidence they've launched a new menu... after having a couple bites, the manager offered us a dessert he says we have to try! OMG he was right. I've rarely written a review about a single plate without…

Contact Info: Urbanista Gemmayze

Phone Number: +961 1 567 811

Address: Yanni bldg. Gouraud street - Gemayzeh - 3 Mdawar Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 1 567 811

Address: Yanni bldg. Gouraud street - Gemayzeh - 3 Mdawar Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

Sundaes and Cones: Colorful Ice Cream Flavors

Ice Cream & Gelato

May 16, 2017 | Recommended | USA

The best part of New York's Sundaes and Cones is the first impression you get as you walk in. The delicious smell welcomes you the second you set foot inside. The big space enjoys simple decor, and today a long queue of kids wait with big smiles on…

Healthy Food that Help You Sleep Better

Spotted Stories

April 22, 2017

Sometimes we toss and turn around before being able to fall asleep... Drink a cup of warm milk some say... don't drink caffeine before bedtime... This infographic shows you what other healthy foods can help you get a better sleep at night.

Eat More Fruits... Happy Banana Day!


April 19, 2017

Banana Day is a bit like a heady mix of April Fool’s Day and Halloween (without the sweets or vandalism) and with a helpful portion of healthy eating thrown in for good measure. The origins of Banana Day, which is aimed at celebrating…

Eileen's Special Cheesecake New York


November 15, 2015 | Tasty Discoveries | USA

We were here by mistake, stopping at a place famous for cheesecakes, a small shop with multiple awards and press mentions over the net and magazines. Eileen's special cheesecakes seem to be a reference in the neighborhood. Seeing a long cue…

ChocoMoz: The Natural Real Chocolate Spread


September 11, 2015 | Tasty Discoveries

Chocomoz is proudly a local creation, a jar filled with a natural chocolate spread flavored with bananas. Spotted at Souk el Tayeb, this jar has a dark brown color and a yellow tag where the ingredients are written. Classy, the jar invites you to…

Minions the New Face of Limited Edition Tic Tac


May 15, 2015

The Minions are taking over the world...The cutest character, in my opinion is now the new face for ’Tic Tac'. The brand has recently announced its latest limited edition ‘Tic Tac Minions’ sweets and just look at how irresistibly…

Inject Chocolate and Caramel into a Banana


December 26, 2014 | Food Gadgets

If you like your bananas, then this one is perfect for you... Check out Destapa Banana is cute device that lets you insert chocolate or caramel syrup into a banana. Fit the banana vertically into the contraption and use a metal pole to…

If You Think a Banana Peel is Only Good for the Trash, Think Again!

Spotted Stories

July 24, 2014

The next time you want to throw away those banana peels, think again... at least you will be after checking the 10 things you can do with banana peels. Check out this infographic.

Sweet Lebanon: 33 of the Finest Mouthwatering Desserts!

Desserts & Sweets

July 17, 2014 | Popular | Middle East

Who doesn’t love desserts? Perfect pieces of mouthwatering indulgence… But where can you find the best of what Lebanon has to offer, in terms of sweets, cakes, cookies, ice cream... Are you drooling yet? Lebanon has a lot to offer.…

Cuiz'in Mag: 22 Desserts qui Font Beyrouth

Desserts & Sweets

July 14, 2014 | News | Lebanon

Où trouver les meilleurs gâteaux, glaces et autres douceurs de la capitale? Suivez les pérégrinations de NoGarlicNoOnions. Une nouvelle rubrique à croquer. Cuiz'in Mag: 22 Desserts qui Font Beyrouth Cuiz'in,…

Best Ice Cream in Lebanon

Ice Cream & Gelato

May 31, 2014 | Popular | Middle East

Here comes summer along with its intense heat, a beautiful season eagerly awaited in our fresh country. Beaches, mountain trails, barbecues, social gatherings, dancing on rooftop venues and, throughout it all, a continuous need to refresh and cool…

Sunday Brunch at Casablanca: Indulge in Some Heavenly French Toast

Breakfast & Coffee

May 21, 2014 | Restaurants | Lebanon

Way before becoming a trend around the country, Casablanca was known for its brunch every Sunday. Opening at 11am you are welcomed to savor Casablanca's fine organic preparations in the iconic setup located on the top floor of a traditional…

Contact Info: Casablanca

Phone Number: +961 1 369334

Address: Dar Al Mreisseh Street, Beirut, Ain EL Mreisseh, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 1 369334

Address: Dar Al Mreisseh Street, Beirut, Ain EL Mreisseh, Lebanon [ view ]

So, How Much Sugar is in the Things We Eat

Desserts & Sweets

May 18, 2014 | News

A handy dandy guide to candy and other sugary foods. So, how much sugar is in the things we eat? Everything, apparently has sugar. An apple has 23 grams. Coca Cola has 39 grams. A grande Starbucks Vanilla Frapp has 59 grams.  Keep in mind…

What's the Difference Between Brown and White Eggs?

Spotted Stories

May 15, 2014

Do you know the difference between white and brown eggs? Here's a unique video created by the Buzzfeed team will help explain the difference between similar foods like yams and sweet potatoes, plantains and bananas, as well as brown and white…

Du Pain et des Idees: An Award Winning Bakery

Breakfast & Coffee

March 11, 2014 | Tasty Discoveries | France

A simple image I got tagged into on Instagram made me want to discover this place. What is said to be one of the best bakeries in Paris for serving the best bread in the capital has won three awards to date. I liked the place, its authenticity and…

Pizza Cups: Try the Limited Edition Holidays Specials


December 10, 2013 | Tasty Discoveries | Middle East

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat... Oh this good old Christmas rhyme makes me smile especially  when I feel like the goose during the days that lead up to the festivities... Tasting some of the most amazing creations conceptualized…

Contact Info: Cup&Roll

Phone Number: +961 1 888 792

Address: Zalka Highway, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 1 888 792

Address: Zalka Highway, Lebanon [ view ]

Food Inspired Cufflinks

Spotted Stories

November 04, 2013

Need a soft drink with your order sir? Well, we really like these burger and fries cuff links. They are the perfect gift for that fast food lover and makes a great gag gift too. The burger and fries is created with vivid colors and attention to…

Food Meets Art 125: A Line of Wearable Dresses

Spotted Stories

August 02, 2013

Check out these edible outfits made of ordinary foods. Using a variety of ingredients as her medium, the crafty Korean artist, Yeonju Sung has created  a multitude of garments with consumable goods that include bananas, mushrooms, tomatoes,…

Akiki Fruits and Vegetables: Being Professional is Your Best Marketing Tool!

Spotted Stories

June 15, 2013 | Tasty Discoveries | Middle East

I'm not going to be too philosophical or try to sell an idea - but simply state a fact. You often wonder why some places succeed and grow while other fail in an instant. I believe the main reason some food establishments stand the test of time is…

Contact Info: Akiki Freres

Phone Number: +961 4 444 227

Address: Antelias main road, Naccach roundabout, Metn, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 4 444 227

Address: Antelias main road, Naccach roundabout, Metn, Lebanon [ view ]

Diageo's World Class: Lebanon's Grand Finale


June 14, 2013 | Spotted Stories

For the third year now, Lebanon has been part of Diageo's World Class, one of the most prestigious bartending competitions around the world.  More than 39 Barchefs have been competing for the title during three consecutive events which took…

A Matter of Life and Death


May 02, 2013

It's hot and fruits seem to ripe faster in the heat... or so I think... In all cases there's a life time for everything... something that's good for you may be dangerous after it's past its lifetime... This graphic shows the time it takes for four…

A Long Kept Family Secret Recipe Revealed on Pie Day


March 14, 2013

Today is Pi Day. Yes math nerds celebrate the mathematical symbol, while the rest of us just use this as an excuse to munch on some delicious pie. Honoured annually on March 14, or 3/14 (mathematical constant of 3.14).  Pi Day is an…

Old Wive's Tales: If You Want to Know if Your Eggs Are Still Fresh - Read On...


January 10, 2013

We often hear stories of how to pack fruits to keep them fresh, or how to keep your peeled apples from turning brown... Here are some interesting facts, as some experts say... try them and let us know. •Almonds: To remove the skin of almonds…

Let's All Bananza

Food Gadgets

December 04, 2012 | Spotted Stories

If you like having some banana with your cereal here's a genius idea. The Banaza perfectly slices bananas in seconds, just hold over a bowl or plate and squeeze. Leave that knife in the drawer!  Because all you need now for perfect, uniform…

A New Earth Recipe for NGNO: Kañiwa & Coconut Pancakes

Spotted Stories

November 26, 2012

Here's a recipe which A New Earth shares with us... Kañiwa and Coconut Pancakes... Serves 4-6 persons Ingredients 6 eggs, lightly beaten 3 bananas 1 cup coconut milk 1 cup kañiwa (cooked according to the package) 1 cup…

Increase Your Sexuality with Food: Bananas


June 03, 2012

It's not a surprise that bananas are associated with sexuality. Firstly the shape of this fruit makes it an automatic association with sexuality. But it's phallic shape aside, bananas has a lot to offer in the world of romance. Banana's are…

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