November 15, 2015 New York USA Americas

Eileen's Special Cheesecake New York

We were here by mistake, stopping at a place famous for cheesecakes, a small shop with multiple awards and press mentions over the net and magazines. Eileen's special cheesecakes seem to be a reference in the neighborhood.


Seeing a long cue to reach the counter we decided to stop, my friend and I for a tasting. People were here sitting alone at the bar savoring their cakes a bite after the other.

Under a metallic ceiling, a large tv screen, a bar a row of high chairs facing a counter is a fridge of large and medium sized tarts and cheesecakes.

Today, Eileen has been praised as New York’s Best Cheesecake by celebrity chefs, the Zagat Guide, WOR Radio, and nationally recognized food critics. She has been featured on the Food Network’s “Food Feuds” hosted by Michael Symon, and “Throwdown with Bobby Flay,” and the Cooking Channel’s inaugural “FoodCrafters” episode. More recently, she has been featured internationally on UKTV’s “James Martin’s United Cakes of America,” “Maximo en New York” with Argentinian chef Maximo Lopez May, “Street Food around the World” with Ishai Golan, and “Steve Harvey Show”!


They are good indeed. Real cheese, light sweetness and lots of taste.

Mini cakes each served on a carton plate.

  • The salted caramel leaves some sparkles of saltiness on your lips. A cheesecake with a light layer of dough, no crunch, no biscuit but a full bodied cream that's not too cheesy. Light sweetness of the caramel and pure pleasure. 
  • Cherry is as good and even better because cheese has more taste and no caramel for the sweetness.
  • Banana is my favorite With its chocolate dough that's so thin and light and a heart of cheese flavored and decorated with bananas. So neat and clear. Lovely!
  • Cannoli are amazing but so heavy!

Staff is welcoming and smiley, we had a coffee and four orders, ate on premises and had a good time seeing people come in for the cheesecakes...

That's my latest recommended cheesecake discovery in New York.





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