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Rice Creamery: A Tasty Concept by Lebanese in Dubai

Lebanese people are really something. Wherever they are they seem to make themselves noticed... I was so happy to find out that the creators and owners of Rice Creamery in Dubai are Lebanese. While I was in Dubai with my friends on a short holiday, we discovered a new attraction called City Walk in Jumeirah. I saw a really cute sign that read, Rice Creamery.

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"What's that?" I asked my friend. He said its a place that serves rice pudding in different flavors and comes with different toppings. Commonly known as Riz B Halib in our part of the world... is a favorite among many of us... Honestly I was starving, I walked into the place... a very cute place to say the least, a fresh glass counter with countless flavors of rice puddings just ready to be devoured... From coconut, chocolate, vanilla, Nutella, white chocolate, mastic cinnamon, caramel, cotton candy and even knefe... Over 20 flavors...

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On the counter you'll find a number of toppings in cute jars... the list on this one is endless as well- Maltesers, cookies, Digestive crusts, Pretzel crusts, marshmallows... to name a few. Name tags are on each of course so you know what you're looking at... although by the look of them you would want to have them all in one go...

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I was overwhelmed with the choice. I tasted many flavors but ended with my old time favorite, banana and topped it off with Maltesers.

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They offer three sizes, large medium and small. I chose the small and to be honest it was more than enough... Very generous in portions, tasty, well cooked, moist, rich in natural flavors... The weather was nice so we opted to sit outside. I loved the whole concept, the freshness of the place, the design, the colorful wallpapers... I would like to see this concept in Lebanon soon... Their Story:

A group of us were sitting down one day reminiscing about the memorable dishes that our grandmothers used to cook for us as children… The cultural diversity among us exposed the beautiful variety of everyone's favorite dishes, but when one of us mentioned rice pudding everyone quickly nodded in unison as we found the one dish that brought us together. It was at that moment where we all realized that rice pudding is indeed a universal treat that almost every culture around the world cherishes... as a result, the idea of Rice Creamery came to life. While over 20 flavors of rice pudding may be difficult to imagine, Rice Creamery offers just that as we aim to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. From our "Crazy about Coconut" flavor to our "I love Kunafah" delight, we're confident of being able to turn any skeptic into a rice pudding lover.

Great concept guys... keep it up... and hope that one day soon you will open here. It's a great concept... And has a lot of potential...

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