September 23, 2014

The Cheesecake Factory: Opening or What?

The Cheesecake Factory Opening soon sign has been what we see every time we walk into Beirut City Centre. We have been waiting for so long now and I am not so sure this wait is worth it that much. I have tried it before in Dubai and to be very honest, the food at The Cheesecake Factory is not the healthiest you would imagine. It is too heavy. My personal experience at the Dubai Mall's branch was not anything extraordinary.

And if were to give my honest opinion here, I believe that it will not last long if/or when they decide to open… I see it’s future like that of Applebee's. We Lebanese are not fans of haeavy American food anymore.


The Cheesecake Factory has been criticized for their heavy promotion of large servings of high calorie and high fat foods, and a corresponding lack of healthy menu options. For these reasons, the chain was dubbed the "worst family restaurant in America" for 2010 by Men's Health magazine. The average sandwich at the restaurant contains 1,400 calories. I totally agree!

While we are waiting, I personally believe that The Cheesecake Factory is not opening anytime soon and surely not at The Beirut City Centre. So I suggest, until they make up their minds, while not remove the big opening soon sign?

What do you think?

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