May 17, 2017

The Decant Wine Bottle

NYC-based designer Karim Rashid recently collaborated with Stratus Vineyards, a Canadian-based winery to create the revolutionary product — the Decant wine bottle.


With the goal of creating an innovative and artistic design representative of the vineyard, the duo developed a sculptural concept meant to surprise consumers with an unexpected bottle form. The aim was to embody the Stratus philosophy of 'form followed by function' by capturing the elements of vineyard diversity and winery design into a single contemporary bottle.

“I wanted to create an iconic bottle that metaphorically deconstructs the traditional bottle while adding functionality,” said Karim. “I‘m very proud of the bottle and it still proves that all archetypes need to be revisited and, even more so, that every brand must differentiate itself in the 21st Century.”

The bottle is made up of three angular blocks, with a more traditional head and neck on top. The middle, larger section shifts in the opposite direction to the sections above and below, to create a handle for holding and pouring the wine.

The edges of the black glass bottle also serve another purpose: catching the sediment of the unfiltered Cabernet Franc. The wine – Stratus' first unfiltered wine – is left on its lees to allows it to age for longer, and improve its aroma and taste.

The Decant wine bottle will be available in the United States through Paul Hobb Selections at $75.

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