January 18, 2017 New York USA Americas

Think Coffee: New York's Deceiving Coffee Place
Non-smokers friendly
Coffee Talk

Craving a nice cup of coffee at sunset, I passed by "Think Coffee", a place that sources coffee responsibly. The company  opened in New York around ten years ago with with dozens of locations across the city. I'm not sure if they're all the same but the one on 6th Avenue is way below what I expected.


A coffee shop with no clear menu, extremely dirty and managed by two people who eat in full view behind the bar, yawn and forget to prepare the coffee you ordered. Yes, I sat and waited... "Oh yeah, your coffee, I forgot".

The fridge is dirty, the dessert choices left to choose from are ridiculous, coffee is not tasty, too sweet and made with zero love. I ordered a mocha without sugar and skimmed milk; I received a sweet mocha with full fat milk.

Three coffees I had: the American coffee is not acidic or bitter. The cold brew is good! It is nitrogen based and served like a draft beer. Hard textured water with coffee served cold; I'm not a fan of cold brews but this one is good.

The carrot brownie is dry and a bit too sweet for my taste; there's nothing exceptional about it.

I'm not sure if all locations are the same but this one is surely not where you want to have coffee.

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