February 21, 2018

Tostada con Aguacate: Ordering Avocado on Toast around Europe

It’s safe to say the world has been struck by avocado fever. Over the past five years, there has been a 405% increase in the number of online searches for ‘avocado on toast’ around the world. And over on Instagram, there are currently over 7 million posts tagged #avocado – that’s a lot of brunch!

With many of us now getting ready to book our 2018 holidays, we thought it would be useful to show you how to order your beloved ‘Avocado on Toast’ in every language in the EU… and a few others like Dothraki and Klingon in case you plan on travelling farther afield…


Avocado on toast through the ages

While many chefs have tried to lay claim to inventing everyone’s favourite brunch dish, nobody knows for sure who first came up with the idea of mashing avocado on toast. However, the first mentions of avocado date back 10,000 years to Puebla, Mexico.

Back in the 1500s, Spanish settlers called the avocado ‘Mantequilla de Pobre,’ meaning poor man’s butter. At one time is was much cheaper than dairy products as a spread – sadly, this is not the case today.

Ordering avocado on toast around Europe

Your avocado might have travelled a long way by the time it reaches your toast and, around Europe, the cost can vary wildly. The average cost of avocado toast in Berlin, Rome and London is just under €7.50, while in Zurich, a portion could cost around €19.22. In Zagreb, however, smashed avocado is a snip at €5.15 – if you ever needed another reason to visit Croatia’s capital.

If you’re looking for somewhere to apply your new avocado-centric knowledge, explore the plethora of fantastic Canvas Holiday destinations online.

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