December 14, 2017

Vote for Valerie Salloum to Represent Lebanon in the Arctic

Vote for Valerie Salloum and help her be the first Lebanese woman to participate in an expedition in the Arctic. 


Valerie Salloum is a 27 year old Lebanese female consultant by day, traveler and explorer in her free time. She is passionately curious about people, culture and nature. She is an adventurer who challenges herself, stretches her mind, learns from her expeditions, feels comfortable in unfamiliarity, pursues strong sensations, values the world wonders and appreciates food & good company. 

Her new challenge is to win the Fjallraven Polar 2018 contest to be able to participate in a 300 km winter adventure north of the Arctic Circle with more than 200 highly skilled sled dogs and 30 people from all over the world. During her 1-week journey from Norway to Sweden, she will face everything from blizzards and minus 30°C temperatures, to beautiful, sun-drenched landscapes of crisp white snow and northern lights. She will have the unique opportunity to navigate a dog sled across frozen lakes and through mountain forests weighted with snow, spend nights in a tent or under the open sky, share stories of her country and culture sitting around the fire, etc. 

Participation in Polar is based on votes, thousands and thousands of votes. Let’s support our Lebanese talent to achieve her goal and represent Lebanon and Lebanese woman in this adventure.  



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