June 05, 2017

Help Feed the Hungry: Support the Lebanese Food Bank

Help us feed the hungry: If you know of any iftar, wedding, celebration where there might be an excess of food, please give us name of caterer 72hrs in advance of event, we will manage to coordinate with catering companies to retrieve excess food on the night of event and distribute to some of the 70 NGOs we are working with. God Bless You! ‪#‎TogetherAgainstHunger‬

LFB Lebanese Food Bank Logo

The Lebanese Food Bank is a non-profit (Licence #1596), non-confessional, and non-partisan organization established by a group of Lebanese business men in 2012 and a member of the Regional Food Banking Network in Dubai. It is presently headed by Mr. Kamal Sinno and is backed by several board members. It strives towards the eradication of hunger throughout Lebanon through a range of food, development/training, and awareness programs. Knowing that 28.6% of the population in Lebanon lives in poverty (around 20.6% live below the upper poverty line which translates into about $4 per day, and around 8% are extremely poor and live below the lower poverty line estimated at $2.4 per day), we are working towards both short-term relief and a long-term sustainable solution to this pressing issue.

About the Government of Lebanon and the United Nations, The latest study done on December 15, 2016, shows that:

  • 37.5% of the Lebanese population lives in poverty (in 2008 the number was 28.6%)
  • 1.5 million Lebanese (over a total of 4 million) who live below the poverty line.

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