September 10, 2013 Jbeil Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

A Thin and Crunchy Ball with Sesame Seeds

This time, getting a hold on one of Lebanon's tastiest delights, a trip to Byblos, Jbeil was a must. You might see them as the simplest things found in many corners around Lebanon, but the kaak at Saint Georges Bakery are simply to die for... If you're a fan of kaak, then these thin, crunchy and tasty delicacies is something you should  definitely try. 


On the way from Byblos up to Saint Charbel, 50 meters after Crepaway to the left, is a small bakery called "Afran Mar Gerges" or Saint Georges Bakery. Behind a two door vitrine stuffed with bags of toasted bread are two men working at the speed of light preparing as many dough as possible, while waiting for the oven to heat up.

The process is simple:

  • Prepare the dough


  • Put it in the mixing machine


  • The same machine cuts the dough into balls, each the same exact size


  • Another machine spreads the dough to a diameter of 20cm


  • It's time for the dough to relax for three long hours


  • Baking and stuffing into the bags


Each kaak is thinner than you can possibly imagine. Close to being transparent, these cylindrical bites are 1,5mm thick with a diameter of 19cm and a puffed up to 9cm when baked. Round and amazing to look at, they are enjoyed freshly baked, dry or with labneh...


A strong sesame taste follows every crunch before a toasted aftertaste stays around your palate from some time. The enjoyment starts the minute you open the bag as the rich aromas start traveling around the kitchen. If you're on a diet, don't even come close to bring them home: Once you start, you cannot stop until the bag is empty.

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