October 13, 2018 Paris France Europe

Beaupassage, A "Couture" Urban Setting: Photos of the Place

It is a rare thing in the life of a city: the creation of a completely new destination. Beaupassage was born in 2018 in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, linking three streets whose history extends back over more than four centuries. Its arrival, and the fragment of the city it has created, is the result of an extraordinary venture that began in 2011. That year, Emerige acquired two neighbouring plots between Rue de Grenelle, Boulevard Raspail and Rue du Bac.


It seemed obvious to merge them and create a unique mini-district. Thus began seven years of research and dialogue with the official French architects' body (Architectes des Bâtiments de France), followed by the building work. This was to be a "couture" development, repairing and polishing the disparate fabric of the buildings, and creating new spaces out of stone, brick, concrete, and glass that look to the future. The innovative concept behind the project was to retain the historical identity while drawing on the spirit of industrial buildings in cities such as London and New York. Three teams commissioned by Emergie made this vast development of more than 10,000m² a reality: Franklin Azzi Architecture, B&B and landscape designer Michel Desvigne.

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