April 24, 2020

Beautiful Doors of Lebanese Houses: A National heritage to be Preserved

Beautiful Doors of Lebanese Houses: A National heritage to be Preserved

The architecture of Lebanon embodies the historical, cultural, and religious influences that have shaped Lebanon's built environment. It has been influenced by the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Umayyads, Crusaders, Mamluks, Ottomans and French. Additionally, Lebanon is home to many impressive examples of modern and contemporary architecture. Architecturally notable structures in Lebanon include ancient thermae and temples, castles, churches, mosques, hotels, museums, government buildings, souks, residences (including palaces), and towers.


Found all over Lebanon, these resplendent traditional houses first flourished in the 19th-century Ottoman era. The central hall house became the archetypal home of Lebanese middle-class families. It is made up of a single block topped with a pyramidal red-tiled roof. These homes typically have very high ceilings designed to keep the rooms cool during Lebanon’s generous summer months. You may also find interior arcades throughout, adding softness to the rooms. 


On the outside, houses are dressed in stone, with an ocher coating or other similar shades, and feature the trademark three windows in the shape of arches that welcome a world of sunshine and light to its interior. Some of these characteristic homes are also accompanied by an elegant wrought-iron balcony and a delicate colonnade, inspired by the opulent Venetian palaces and Ottoman architecture. The signature red-tiled roof has no windows nor chimney stacks and is playfully referred to as the tarboush (fez) of the house. (HoteLibanais)


The Lebanese house is iconic and world-famous; unique architecture, design, and colors. Today I’m sharing photos of old Lebanon, the country with thousands of historical years. Loving the villages and the old houses, their doors astonish me. I wish all houses will be restored for future generations to appreciate the past.


Build in the 19th century, the Lebanese house has usually a square shape decorated with a red tiles roof, a main imposing door with windows on its sides. The door design and stone art around it are significant to know the social rank of the person living in it. Standing high and imposing, colored or made of natural wood, the door is a masterpiece to be preserved.

When the phoenix will rise again, we will relive the era of our ancestors! Old and beautiful rich Lebanon, a cultural land of heritage and treasures.




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