February 06, 2021

Combination Microwave Ovens: An Innovative Design Strategy

Today, every household owns at least one microwave for reheating and defrosting food. Although they can be beneficial for these purposes, especially when you’re running out of the door and want a quick bite, most microwaves share the same issue – burning the edges of the food while the middle remains cold.

For the longest time, production engineers and developers looked for a suitable solution to this problem that will simultaneously retain the microwave’s strongest attribute – efficiency. But, the built-in oven and microwave appliances seemed very different from each other to meet in the middle.

Finally, that eagerly anticipated moment has arrived, and its results even exceeded the expectations. With combination microwave ovens, households can enjoy the features of both in a single kitchen appliance.

What Are Combination Microwave Ovens?

So, what exactly is a combination microwave oven? As suggested by its name, this unique kitchen appliance combines features of both microwaves and ovens, making it a very diverse cooking device.

Combination ovens come in various shapes, sizes, and features, but all of them share several things. By using them, not only can you defrost and reheat food, but you can also cook whole meals, boil vegetables, roast or grill meat, make pizzas, and even bake cakes and pastries.

With combination microwave ovens, you have complete freedom as the appliance offers great flexibility switching between different cooking modes to achieve the perfect meals every time.

Essentially, they contain a heating element and a fan, which allows for equal air circulation. With this, you get the cooking variety of the oven and the efficiency of the microwave.

The Benefits of Ovens and Microwaves

Microwaves and ovens serve great purposes to every household every day. When it comes to ovens, here are some of their most important benefits:

  • Cooking modes – Ovens offer a large variety of cooking options, and you can make almost anything with an oven. Baking, roasting, and cooking are all available with ovens.
  • Capacity – Ovens are quite big so that you can cook big amounts of food at once. This is especially important for large families and households.

Microwaves also come with their set of benefits:

  • Compact – Microwaves are small, practical, and portable. They don’t take up much space and are easily moved if you want to store them away.
  • Efficient – Microwaves are known for their speedy performance, so if you need something defrosted or heated immediately, it’s the ideal appliance to go with.

The Drawbacks of Ovens and Microwaves

However, both of these kitchen appliances come with some disadvantages too. For ovens, those are:

  • Cooking time – Ovens aren’t famous for their cooking at the speed of light. So, when using an oven, you have to manage your time, so you get enough time to prepare the entire meal.
  • Size – Also, ovens are quite big. If you’re living in a studio or just have a small kitchen, an oven might take the majority of your space, leaving you very little free space for your other kitchen appliances and tools.

For microwaves, the drawbacks are a bit different:

  • Unequal heating – The main disadvantage of microwaves is their unequal spread of hot air, which results in burned edges while the middle stays cold. This is especially noticeable when defrosting food, as the microwave starts to cook the outside while the middle is still frozen and rock-hard.
  • Limited options – Microwaves don’t have a variety of options. You can use them only to defrost, heat something from the fridge, or make a hot beverage, which is quite limited.

An Innovative Design Strategy as a Solution

How would you feel if there was a device containing all benefits of ovens and microwaves and none of their drawbacks? Luckily, today this is possible with combination microwave ovens. With its innovative design and excellent cooking strategy, this appliance is just what you’ve been looking for. Check out these features:

  • Versatile cooking – Combination microwave ovens come with various cooking modes, so your options are unlimited.
  • Equal cooking – With a special design containing a heating element and a fan, combined with a turntable, your food will always be perfectly cooked – around the edges and in the middle too!
  • Cooking time – In comparison to ovens, combination ones cook much faster. Because they have smaller space inside, they do a much better job of retaining heat while cooking.
  • Cooking space – In comparison to microwaves, combination ones have more space, which allows for more food to be prepared at once.
  • Design options – Combination microwaves and ovens come in a variety of sizes and designs, so you’ll find your perfect one without any trouble.


To wrap everything up, combination microwaves and ovens found a way to perfect the crafts of these two appliances and merge them into one. With these available on the market, you can say goodbye to your cluttered kitchen, as this is the only thing you’ll use when preparing delicious home-cooked meals.

So, find your perfect microwave and oven combo and get everything you need for your favorite dish to get cooking.

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