April 01, 2018 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

El Mina Tripoli; Traditional, Authentic and Vibrant

El-Mina, is a coastal independent town in Tripoli Northern Lebanon. El-Mina occupies the location of the old Phoenician city of Tripoli. It acts as the harbor city for modern neighboring Tripoli, Lebanon's second largest city, situated 5 km to the east. 


El Mina is the site of the ancient city of Tripolis that dates back to the Phoenician era, and is one of Lebanon's oldest cities, alongside Byblos, Tyre and Sidon. The site of Tripolis moved inland after the Islamic reconquest from the crusaders, and today's El-Mina became the harbour district of Greater Tripoli, eventually having its own municipal board in the beginning of the twentieth century, separate from that of Tripoli, but within the context of Greater Tripoli.


El-Mina is the city with the largest number of islands surrounding it, along with the Levantine coastline. It has nine islands, the closest, the Abdul Wahab Island can be visited by crossing a bridge over the sea. The farthest island, 'Ramkin', is 10 kilometers away from the coast, and has a lighthouse. Four of the islands have been declared as natural reservations, to help breed fish, and preserve their natural habitat. The city's seashore extends 3 to 4 kilometers, and its famous seashore sidewalk, the "corniche", is a popular site frequented by people from all around Lebanon, who come to enjoy the fresh air. The city is mostly flat, and has a diameter of only one km, that extends from the seashore to the border of the city of Tripoli. Due to large expansion, El-Mina and Tripoli are almost attached.


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