May 26, 2014

Enyo: Turning Stove To Dinner Table And Around

ENYO is a flexible solution for future food preparation - it enhances the social culinary enjoyment aspect by bringing cooking back to the table. ENYO turns a stove to a dinner table and vice versa. enyo ENYO celebrates the social aspect of cooking and dining by gathering people around the table. The furniture-like aesthetics make it fit into a living or dining room, whereas it consists of a free-standing table plus ceiling element. It supports both a timed self-cooking mode as well as a social cooking situation and features a flexible cooking mat in the center of the table. A projector in the ceiling element projects onto the mat and creates an interactive cooking experience by giving feedback and offering subtle guidance throughout the cooking process (e.g. integrated scale, ingredient analysis). enyo2 The flexible structure underneath the malleable mat allows movements and changes in shape – therefore it can shape up different cooking moldings in order to replace pots. ENYO is a space-efficient solution to suit future living trends and it encourages users to explore fresh and healthy cooking....
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