November 02, 2017

Google Controversial Burger Emoji Issue

Independent UK: The problem with burgers has cast questions over the rest of Google's depictions of food.

Google has promised to "drop everything" and fix a scandalous problem with its burger emoji.

The company's depiction of a burger has come under intense criticism for its layering of the burger, bread and lettuce. And the scandal has led to others to point to the company's other drawings of food, some of which appear more than a little strange.

Mr Baekdal's original tweet only suggested that we "need to talk about" the arrangement of the different parts of the burger. But a consensus very quickly emerged that Google had gone wrong and that the cheese should never appear low down in the burger.

Tweets 2

Each of the burgers do include their own strange choices, like Apple's decision to put the lettuce on the bottom of the burger. But that is done by some chains, including In-N-Out in the US, and is a useful way of catching the liquid from above and stop it soaking through the bottom half of the bun.

Fuchs went on to point out that there are actually a range of problems with Google's drawings of food. Some are so glaring as to suggest that the people making the emoji might not actually have seen the thing they were drawing.

Burger apple google

There are bizarre holes in Google's cheese, for instance, which suggests that they're not actually holes but a con.

And the beer's froth appears to be levitating above the liquid.


While the type and name of each emoji is decided by the Unicode Consortium – a range of different companies working together – each of them decides how to draw the actual character themselves. So while each company will have a beer, for instance, they can all draw that beer separately.
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