May 30, 2021

Kempinski Hotel Jinan Makes Its Debut in the Heart of China’s “City of Springs”

With its first presence in Shandong province, Kempinski Hotels has opened its 21st luxurious hotel in China, Kempinski Hotel Jinan. Located amidst extraordinary businesses and companies in the new financial centre and Hanyu Financial Valley, Kempinski Hotel Jinan sits at the top of YUNDING Building, the 339-metre-high landmark that overlooks the famous “City of Springs”. Immersed in the glamorous view of the skyline, guests can experience the depth of the rich history of Shandong, the extent of the prosperous culture and the warmth of the timeless hospitality à la Kempinski with a distinctly European flair.

“As the capital of Shandong province, Jinan is an economic hub and cultural centre of the area. It has a unique and convenient location, being only a 30-minute drive from Yaoqiang International Airport. Next to the terminal building located in the city, our guests can check in here directly and be on a fast track to the airport,” said Christian Wiendieck, General Manager Kempinski Hotel Jinan.

“We are thrilled to expand the presence of Kempinski Hotels in the historic city of Jinan. It is our honour to partner with Jinan Hi-Tech Holding Group on this ambitious project, and we look forward to working together in bringing luxury sojourn experiences to life in Shandong,” said Michael Henssler, Chief Operating Officer Asia Kempinski Hotels and General Manager of Key International Hotels Management Co. Ltd. “At Kempinski, we believe that small is beautiful and that, with a degree of rarity, we cultivate exclusivity. We dedicate ourselves to delivering beautiful performances with an interplay of craftsmanship, curated personal services and the city’s unique offering of a rich, historic landscape. At the same time, we’ll continue to promote the ‘White Glove Services’ to safeguard the refreshing journey of our guests from around the world.” 

When “Six Arts” Meet European Flair

Sitting south of the Yellow River, Jinan is widely known as the City of Springs, a popular destination for its abundance of beautiful, natural artesian springs and welcoming hospitality and culture. Designed by the award-winning design studio Wimberly Interiors, Kempinski Hotel Jinan takes inspiration from its unique natural surrounds and showcases a decadent palette of rich stones, emerald greens and gold accents. The spectrum of colour themes and contemporary design language are combined with the traditional “Six Arts” elements, incorporating rites, music, archery, chariot-racing, calligraphy and arithmetic into the storytelling of the rich and profound culture of springs, and leading guests on a journey with an interplay of mountains, springs, lakes, rivers and the city.  There are 314 elegant guestrooms and suites located on floors 55–70 of the building, each equipped with a walk-in wardrobe, a dining area, a special working desk and deluxe European-styled bedding. Looking through the bright and wide French windows, guests will see the grand view of the city’s skyline. Patterned carpets evoke a sense of running water, with the orange of the goldfish inspiring the pop of colour on the sofa, creating a comforting sense of serenity.

In the future, the hotel will also offer a health and spa centre, which will be located on floor 51 of the hotel. Ending a day of intensive work or non-stop travel, guests can escape from the noise of the metropolis by having a refreshing and relaxing swim in the infinite pool, or sweating out the stress in the well-equipped gym and yoga room. Kempinski The Spa will offer a bespoke collection of treatments to deliver a distinctive and desired wellness experience.

Bon Appétit: Indulging in International Gastronomic Highlights

The hotel will feature six restaurants and bars that offer a diverse range of thoughtfully selected and locally inspired cuisine. The View, located on floor 53, offers an all-day-dining service, with Shandong cuisine that takes guests on a top-class journey for taste buds through well-known traditional delicacies with an international fusion experience. From the traditional Chinese painting that unfolds upon arrival, to the Jinan-styled ceramic artworks scattered throughout the space, Spring Palace Chinese Restaurant is themed with calligraphy from the “Six Arts”. It offers authentic Qi-Lu dishes, reflects the essence of Cantonese cuisine through contemporary culinary arts and is equipped with seven private rooms that can serve guests in a peaceful and quiet dining environment. After a long day, guests can enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea experience at the Lobby Lounge, sipping a speciality cocktail. The quality European-style café Deli restores the glamour of cafés in Europe and is a place where guests can purchase daily baked bread, cakes, sandwiches and other snacks, accompanied with freshly brewed coffee and delicately crafted drinks. 

Inspiring Meeting Experiences

Kempinski Hotel Jinan offers over 3,600 sq m for events and conferences, including seven banquet rooms and multifunctional conference rooms. Among them, the Yunding Banquet Room occupies an area of 1,200 sq m with a capacity of up to 1,200 people. In addition, the hotel also has independent wing buildings and a 1,600 sq m roof garden that can host a variety of large-scale outdoor events, cocktail parties and launch events. All spaces are equipped with high tech media facilities and projectors to satisfy different clients’ needs, making them ideal venues for corporate conferences, social activities and dream weddings.

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