February 26, 2016

Rainbow Bagels: Look Out for the Colorful Trend

Rainbow Bagels, a trademarked name seems to be the next big thing around the world. What started with a massive hit in New York Scot Rossillo, a baker who calls himself the “World’s premier bagel artist” and the inventor of the cragel, the croissant-bagel hybrid, has now traveled to London.


The bagels are the result of seven coloured dough mixtures. Each is flattened into a square, and then layered, one on top of the other. Bagel Shop is selling about 1,500 of them a day and are said to taste like regular bagels... Read More

Bagel Store owner Scot Rossillo has been making these colorful bites for 20 years now, but they have only recently become a viral sensation thanks, in part, to a video from Insider Food, which details the that details the process of making them.

It's now in London and we wonder where next...?

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