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Tamashii: Delivering Sushi Home
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Tamashii is a Japanese restaurant on Mar Mikhael. There now for a couple of years, it serves a wide selection of innovative rolls. I’ve been there two times, ordered dinner home once and now trying it again for the second time. Tonight I’m having sushi for dinner.


The last time I remember ordering from Tamashii, the rice was chewy and with an unpleasant excess of sweetness. Today, feeling like having Sushi I ordered Tamashii Home. A professional service, friendly and attentive, good looking boxes and packaging with small soy sauce cups and a generous portion of ginger.

Interesting flavors here and there but the same chewy rice, dry rolls you can’t eat without dipping them in soy sauce while notes of sweetness take over.

Let’s have dinner:

  • The crispy salmon salad uses good quality salmon with crispy crisps but unfortunately the salad is served warm - not cold as it should be - and is in serious need of sauce. Dry, excessively crunchy crisps with the smooth salmon but no sauce to balance the mix. Expected better to say the least.
  • In an individual box, the “monster fire” is served alone. Big pieces of chewy rice embraced with shrimp tails and covered with fried onions making the roll taste exactly like “Moudardara”. Adding the onions is not the smartest idea. 'Fire' supposed to imply spice? No spiciness felt.
  • The tempura roll is chewier than bubble gum. Didn’t feel any of the ingredients, just something chewy as if it was prepared hours earlier.
  • There’s one of the rolls with crunchy capsicum wrapped around it! Don’t order it, the crunch is too unpleasant for a Maki roll. Why would someone eat peppers with sushi?!
  • Fresh crab bon bon: the texture is way too unpleasant to be edible. Feels like mashed potato mixed with mayonnaise covered with ripe avocado. The crab is shredded so small that it doesn’t taste like crab, moist ripe avocado and nothing crunchy or firm to add some texture to this ball.

Good boxes, good quality of ingredients but unfortunately the taste and textures need some serious attention. Despite it not being a fine dining sushi place, I would have expected to feel the individual flavors of every Maki, eat a cold salad, properly cooked rice, less sogginess and find a solution for the chewiness. I would highly recommend to stop using the “Moudardara” onions!

I’m not sure if this sushi is even deliverable.

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