February 17, 2015 Belgium Europe

The Chocolate Line Brugge by Dominique Persoone

After a bad impression at Dumon, I went searching for the Chocolate Line which I found a few meters from the first shop. This shop has been talked about on the Net as a reference point in Bruges. This packed shop doesn't have a cafe, but hosts a counter and an open kitchen at the end that produces the chocolates.


The Chocolate Line  is a chocolate-brown statement in the city centre of Bruges. In this shop, Dominique Persoone and Fabienne De Staerke treat gourmets, foodies, topchefs, tourists, and accidental passers-by to exciting chocolate creations. The Chocolate Line is craftsmanship and rock’n roll. Small handcrafted flavour explosions swing out of the romantic shop in search for nostalgia and acrobatics. Everyone can peep through a window and into the workshop. Nothing is hidden here. What you see is what you get.

Surprise yourself with exciting flavour contrasts, subtle aromas, and long undertones. Indulge your palette of flavours, broaden your chocolate experience and shock your expectations. Because nothing is what it seems. Sniff cocoa with the Rolling Stones and let the pictures of Spencer Tunick amaze you. And be free to consider Cacao.

Inside the small shop, the walls are covered with chocolate. At the entrance are large blocks from all over the world, the bars are towards the end, while the praline selection behind the counter is filled by hand.

To be able to better judge their chocolates, we chose a selection of dark chocolates at 65% and above and we noticed they had an 80% from Panama. The store offers less artistic choices than the competition but they have a wider selection of international chocolate and still look professional despite the overdose of colors in the packaging.

Choosing a selection of dark pieces, 65% and above, we went back to the hotel for a tasting. The first impression was good. A nice homogenous color, a hard texture and nice crunch. Unfortunately I can't tell you what was what since the trainee down at the shop mixed up the labels. Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Grenada... Each is different.


The chocolate was good, good enough to be enjoyed and leave a nice aftertaste. The flavor is correct and well balanced, the darker it is the better, bite and let it melt on your tongue while the flavors start awaking your palatal buds. It's a good chocolate for a local producer.

If I had to choose between The Chocolate Line and Dumon, I'd surely pick this one. After that we went to Depla to reconfirm that Bruges's best chocolate shop is indeed Chocolate Line.






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