February 28, 2017

The Next Big Thing: Souk El Akel on Snow

We are always looking for the next big thing, aren’t we? "Souk el Akel" is always ready to make the next big thing happen. So what’s cooking this weekend?


For the first time, you can experience Lebanon in a whole new bright light … Covered in beautiful white snow blanket, Tannourine Summit is where you want to be this weekend. Souk el Akel on snow will take you to a whole new level where beautiful sceneries, endless adventures and tasty food await you.


Food lovers will unite for this exciting weekend devoted to tasty cuisine prepared live in front of you in a unique setup especially designed for this edition. There will be lots of food to please every one … as well as a fine selection of sweets and beverages. Of course there will also be tasty surprises first launched at Souk el Akel.


Adventures are endless. Bungee jump over the snowy mountains, adventure around on mountainous guided tours, drive snow mobiles around the beautiful scenes, discover nature reserves … You can even just walk around, build a snow man or snow ball fight...


So come on down and enjoy tasting the the best “fast food” selection in a stunning setting, while enjoying the best adventures on snow.


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