September 16, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

The World Famous Lebanese Breakfast: A Love Story!
Morning Delights

With endless choice and great flavors, you simply cannot skip breakfast in Lebanon. From Mankousheh to Foul and hummus.... Knefeh, kashta and Labneh, we have something to satisfy all cravings....


It’s a beautiful day out there… Let’s start enjoying it early with a delicious bite somewhere around the country… where to go? Scouting the country from North to South … from Beirut city to the Metn area and way beyond… I have tasted hundreds of breakfast spots and have met thousands of passionate cooks I call heroes. Come join me for a hefty breakfast

Suitable For: Morning Delights


Central Bar: Sushi and Draft Beer at Larnaca Airport


"Zaatar Manouche" in a Box