March 21, 2018

Today is a Great Day: Thank You Mum!

Mother's Day is upon us - a day which celebrates life, continuous giving and a stream of unconditional love... This is the day when we all take a moment to celebrate the woman who has given us life and nurtured us to becoming the man or woman we are today... I would like to take a moment here to wish my own mother, my wife, and all the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day... 

Let me tell you something... Between every restaurant review, every delicious food discovery I enjoy and share, every image I upload on Instagram and every tweet... I still crave for some home cooked meal prepared by my mother...  Nothing beats a yummy heart filled home cooked meal prepared by the one person who knows and loves you unconditionally.... Surely there's something your mum makes or used to make... that you still crave for every once in a while.  Share your cravings with us... Is it her Mloukhiye? Her home cooked French fries...?


Thank you Mum!

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