For everyone

Driven by our love of Lebanon and her hidden corners, and inspired by NGNO, The Foodie’s Trail is a range of special tours around the country.
  • Al Tal Square

    Welcoming The Guests

    1st Kaake breakfast and coffee

  • Al Koura Square

    Historical Overview

  • The Big Mosque

    Historical Overview

  • Akra

    Foul, Hommus, Malisiya, Balila


  • Khan Al Saboun

    Historical Overview

  • Hammam el Abed

    Historical Overview

  • Souk al Dahab

    Historical Overview

    shopping break

  • Rabih Hboub

    Typical Local Food

  • Al Madrasa Al Kortawiya

    Historical Overview

  • Fern Al Masri

    Typical Local Food, Shopping break

  • Nouh al Haddad

    halawit el shmayseh, typical local sweets

  • Tripoli Citadel

  • Sfiha

    typical local street food

  • Hammam Ezzedine

    historical Hammam

  • Khan el Khoyatin

    historical Souk

  • Khan el Masriyin

    historical Souk

  • Sharkass Soap

    traditional making of soap, shopping break

  • Dabbousi

    Moghrabiyeh sandwich, Maajouka sweet

    Typical Local Food

  • Al Kana’es Street

    Historical Street

  • Souk el Nahhasin

    Historical Souk,Shopping Break

  • Malikat el Halawiyat

    Halawet el Riz

    typical local sweet

  • Abou Hasan

    (Abadiyeh chocolate

    typical local sweets

  • Kharnoub + Tout


    typical local food

  • Kharnoub + Tout