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When The King Loses His Crown: Unprofessional, Unacceptable and Disgusting
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What a shame! 

When you send an sms every single week and flood your customers with ads, at least be ready for the orders! I believe the photos speak for themselves, a Big King XXL with barbecue sauce!! OMG! Since when? A chicken harder than caoutchouc, inedible and topped with biscuity beef bacon feeling like carton paper and a non-melted cheddar cheese! French Fries that ... won’t eat! What a shame!


I’m shocked by the unprofessional service of a multinational, expected to be up to a minimum standard. I’ve been following the drop, a year after the next, seeing a new design and new shops but unfortunately, a degrading quality. 

I’m shocked by such a bad quality, disastrous food, chewy old bread probably produced a week earlier with after flavors of milk and sugar and a meat looking white, undercooked and stale! Am I exaggerating? Check the photos.


Call 1525, choose your language, wait for five minutes until an operator, busy to the bones, babbles without focusing on your order, upselling or even repeating it. “Yalla, Yalla”... He has to take other calls.

We even ordered two chicken royal which my family members couldn’t finish: “what happened to this burger Linda tells me throwing half of it”.


Thirty minutes and receive a disastrous! I’m still shocked: no words can describe what I received. I was so disgusted that I threw the food away without even feeling the need of calling them back.


Remember: a copy failure.


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