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2014: Most Interesting Culinary News of the Year


Sesobel: A Hard Working Organization and a Great Cause

Sesobel is a story, Sesobel is a family... Sesobel is a journey which started 35 years with an aim to help deprived children along the way... Sesobel is made up of a group of hard working women who have dedicated their lives to help make a  a better future for these children.

Coca-Cola Lebanon Makes a Comeback

A leader all around the world, Coca-Cola giants have been struggling in Lebanon, holding a market share of less than 7%, as opposed to Pepsi who have not left the playground for any competitors. This year, with "Share a Coke" campaign, Coca-Cola is making a come back… Flooding the market with billboards and TV advertisements, let's see what's next...

Drappier's Largest Champagne Bottle, Opened for the First Time in Lebanon and the Middle East

Melchisédech is the largest bottle of champagne in the world. It is worth noting that at Drappier everything from half bottles to the 30-liter Melchisédech undergoes a second fermentation (the one that creates the bubbles) in the same bottle in which it is shipped. At other houses, the largest bottles, and their smaller cousins, may be filled using transvasage (“pouring over”) from more regular-sized bottles, where the second fermentation has taken place. 

Add a Pinch of Love... For a Better Tomorrow...

The world is changing and we all know it. It’s normal that the world changes, but what's not normal at all is how people are changing with it. Hatred is gaining ground while a cloud of darkness appears out on the horizon.

The New Board: Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants Cafes, Night-Clubs & Pastries in Lebanon

The Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafés, Night-Clubs & Pastries is a non political and non governmental organization supporting the restaurant industry in Lebanon. They work with restaurants owners and operators to help them achieve their ambitions.

Kefraya's "Comte de M" Gets a 92/100, Two Years in a Row

Château Kefraya, Comte de M 2010 Kefraya is staking a lot on the 2010 edition, believing it to be the best created to date. It's a young wine that's still dry but moving to be even better than the 2007 edition in two years time. The 2010 edition has a certain finesse of its own, with the purity of fruit notes felt in every sip, while an evolution transports you as you reach the bottle's bottom. Château Kefraya worked on producing a local wine, a pride to Lebanon and surely not a copy of Bordeaux wines. Since it's still young, the 2010 gives off a strong alcohol vapor and has an intense, dry feel.

The Reboot: Announcing NoGarlicNoOnions 2.0

NoGarlicNoOnions (NGNO) is Beirut’s premier destination for honest, objective restaurant, and food reviews. Started two years ago, NGNO has reviewed over 900 restaurants and hotels, discovered around 200 tasty foodie secrets, tasted 150 varieties of street food, and visited roughly 140 cities.

MTV: NoGarlicNoOnions, the TV Show

There’s much to love about Lebanon and we’re often in danger of forgetting all the great things about our country in the midst of all the strife and troubles of daily life. Perhaps it’s time to rediscover the things that make Lebanon a truly wonderful place to live. 

London Overtakes Hong Kong as World’s Most Expensive City

Report suggests UK capital is twice as pricey as Sydney and four times more than Rio for companies to place staff.

Chef Creates Burgers that Taste like Human FLESH

A chef has created burgers that taste like human flesh using first hand accounts of cannibalism to get the flavour as close as possible. James Thomlinson designed his burger using gory testimonials describing the taste of human flesh, mixing veal, chicken livers, bone marrow and pork to make the macabre meal.

Lebanon's 65cm Record Breaking Burger

Celebrating their second year anniversary, Rod’s, a small burger joint in Gemmayze, planned to break a record by creating the biggest burger in Lebanon yet and I think he succeeded.

An Official Wine Glass for Obeideh Grapes

This is a special review, one that's unique of its kind, one that combines three big entities. One would be Lebanon and its famous Obeidy wine. The second would be Riedel, the wine glass giant, and the third is Wardy, a famous local wine producer who has recently launched an Obeidy white wine.

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